Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Wednesday, September 7, 2005
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It’s September, finally. I love September and October, best of all months. I love the changing of the season to autumn. Even though Nature prepares for winter’s hibernation, the air is filled with possibility.

A friend sent me an email about the necessity for visualizing immediate and positive aid for New Orleans. While I agree with that, I also feel, in this case, we CANNOT stop routing out the evil – and evil is a very specifically chosen word – that caused this problem. In addition to Auric healing for something such as gangrene, you also have to cut out the rot. Physically. We have gangrene in this country, and it stems from the White House. It must be removed, or the country will lose even more limbs than it already has.

Some of us are destined to be warriors and some of us are destined to be healers. Each of us must do our task. Together, we can get the job done, but not all of us can be either one, or both.

I’m also concerned by the escalating situation down there. There is going to be forced evacuation, which will cause more deaths, because it will escalate to gun battles, and, often, suicides. And now the “humanitarians” have said they will cut off the supplies to the people remaining, to force them to leave “for their own good.”

That is not humanitarian effort. That is dictatorial invasion. With what happened with Iraq, are we really surprised?

Yes, disease is a huge problem. But, when people have made it so far in their homes – they have nothing left, nowhere to go, most stayed because they can’t leave their pets – it will, literally, kill them – and for the “authorities” WHO COULD NOT BE BOTHERED TO HELP IN A TIMELY MANNER to come in now and REFUSE aid to anyone is abominable. You set up clinics, you continue aid, you actually HELP, you motherfuckers.

The UN needs to take over – they actually have experience in handling something like this.

The people know that leaving their homes means they will never get them back.

And, as the woman cleaning the street with her broom said on the broadcast, “This is my home. I am rebuilding. I am not a refugee. I am an American.”

Because the vultures are already circling to use the Supreme Court decision on Eminent Domain in their favor.

Yes, there will be structures that will need to be torn down and rebuilt. My prediction is that 90% f the people who lost their homes will not get a home rebuilt in New Orleans. Developers will seize properties, whether it is necessary or not, under Eminent Domain. They will toss around catch-phrases meant to soothe the public, such as “affordable housing” without answering the question, “affordable for whom?”

The majority of people who actually lost their homes and can’t afford their own rebuilding effort will not get them back.

It’s the excuse to “gentrify” that the developers have been looking for and that the locals have fought for years.

People will not be given the means to return or given the chance to rebuild their homes. Not as long as this administration, which is allowing us to be price gouged at the pump – even though both Kuwait and Saudi Arabia donated enough oil to get us through – is in charge.

We need to set up another WPA, as was set up during the depression, to rebuild the entire Gulf area. And it needs to be staffed by a combination of top-ranked (not by the government, but within their own industries) professionals who actually know the work – NOT EXECUTIVES, but professionals, and staffing priority given to people actually from the region, so they get the chance to rebuild their own areas. To keep people out and bring in strangers – even well-meaning ones – entirely for the rebuilding effort, will cause even more damage in the long-term.

On an artist level, some of the best writing and theatre was created during the WPA years. I was in the New York Public Library several years ago, researching, and they have a whole archive of WPA publications. Most of the stuff is out of print now, because it was so time-sensitive, but the quality of work is stunning. I’m sure it was partly because of the passion behind it.

For writers and artists, what’s happened since the Millennium has made all of our work period pieces. From the late 1970’s to almost the Millennium, you could write “contemporary fiction” without setting it in a specific year, and you had a nearly 30 year period where, if you were careful not to put too many emotional or historical landmarks in it, it could be timeless.

Now, everything must be placed in the context of where it is in relation to 9/11, the Tsunami, and Hurricane Katrina. Because each of these events is so huge that it affects every aspect of our lives, which, in turn, reflects every aspect of our characters’ lives.

Both World War I and World War II changed how artists created. So did Vietnam. But now we have a trilogy of events that happened even more closely together that will affect the creation of art . . .until the next shattering event, which may not be too far away. And, if you’re creating art in or about the UK, 7/7 must go in there, too, so, in actually, it’s not even a trio of events, but a quartet.

Living it, we will be aware of the changes, but only those fifty years down the road looking back on our body of work will be able to analyze it.

If there’s even a world left by then.

Monday, I worked my butt off writing Cutthroat Charlotte and I wrote 18 pages on Thoughts are Things. I also changed the title of the latter to Imaginative Powers, which, I think is more relevant to the content.

Yesterday, I was at the theatre during the day. There was a bit of tumult because I’d asked for more work over the next few months, someone got a leave of absence, but the cover was given to someone else. Needless to say, after the way I’ve saved their ass on more than one occasion in the past year and a half, I was not amused. But, it turns out they have different plans for me – there is work to be had over the next few months, and probably more suited to me. I don’t know if it will be enough work, so I’m still going to have to hustle work on other shows, but we’ll see. If what they’ve offered actually comes through, it should be fine. One definite is an extra day of day work for the next eight weeks, so I’ll be in during the day on Tuesdays AND Thursdays.

And, I have to remember that the tarot cards were vehement that I should NOT cover that particular leave of absence. I don’t know the heck why yet, but the cards never lie, so I’m sure there’s a good reason.

I was worried about balancing all that with the serials and NaNoWriMo, but I got home to find an email about the serials “suspending” publication for three weeks. Yeah, right, I’m real confident they’ll continue. But, of course, we’re supposed to use this time to “catch up”. Hmm, mm, yeah, I’m going to spend the next three weeks busting my butt – when, I’m sure we’re not going to see our September payments – and then be told nothing further will happen. And, since my contracts for Widow’s Chamber and Angel Hunt are up on Oct. 2, and I’m supposed to get renewals contracts 30 days prior . . .well, let’s just say there have been enough breaches of the contract over the past few months from the other side of the table that I don’t need to feel any sense of obligation towards anything except my story itself and my readers.

And, I had to cancel the big publicity campaign I’ve put together for the novella, because I don’t want people ordering it and never getting it, and then, by extension, the artist and I never getting the payments.

On the positive side, it frees me up to do other projects.

Considering how many PAID Llewellyn deadlines are coming up, that’s a good thing. After all, I have an article due on Friday, so I’d better focus on that today. I have a good bit of research done on it. Now I have to put it together in coherent form.

I have more to say on another topic – not related at all to the hurricane for once, but I’ll save it for another post. It deserves its own focus.

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At 11:39 AM, Blogger Debra Young said...

Excellent points regarding New Orleans, Devon. I hadn't even thought about the eminent domain aspect--that is certainly going to be the case. They're going to have a field day!

On another note, I recently received my first Llewellyn magazine and looked for you in it. D'you know which issue will have your article? d:)

At 10:28 PM, Blogger A.M.Adams said...


Wonderful point about the WPA; equally thoughtful and truly scary point about the eminent domain practice.

You are indeed right.

Going back to the WPA, I also think we should start recruiting college students across the nation who are a year or two away from graduating in accounting, education, construction, etc. and ask them to work a year to 18 months teaching and/or somehow rebuilding the Gulf state region in return for either a temporary stay or partial forgiveness for student loans.

That way, the victims can learn new skills and be part of the solution, not just a recipient of it.


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