Friday, October 07, 2005

Friday, October 07, 2005
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So there’s this plot to blow up the NYC subway system – it is thought that as many as 19 potential bombers are involved.

And the White House shrugs it off.

Ad does the Department of Homeland Security.

These are the same people who praised FEMA on what a good job they were doing as people drowned in New Orleans.

My life is in danger and I should trust them because . . . ?

Because it would just make too much sense for them to actually do their job and protect the American people. Because, after all, New York is blue. So we don’t count in the eyes of the federal government. (And I’m purposely using a small “f” for in “federal” – because I have a much bigger “F” in mind for them).

Fortunately, NYC has the best counter terrorism unit in the country, which was developed to be independent of the federal government. Will it be enough to keep us safe? We’re not going to know that for awhile. But they are doing everything they can – without help from the people whose salaries are paid by our tax dollars, whether we voted for them or not.

I’m telling you, if I get blown up in the next few weeks, I’m sticking around to haunt the White House.

Couple this federal stupidity with William Bennett’s comments on lowering the crime rate by aborting black babies . . .just because genocide has been used throughout history to promote racist and religious agendas doesn’t mean we should condone it in this country. And this guy was Secretary of Education? Now, if he’s such a staunch Republican Conservative, hasn’t he always claimed to be anti-abortion? So this means he’s only pro-life when he gets to choose that life? And what the hell qualifies him to make that choice? It’s obviously not any form of intelligence or ethical integrity.

Add in the now-dropped proposed legislation in Indiana to ban gays, lesbians and single mothers from “using medical science to assist them in having a child" – who the hell is the government to decide whether or not a woman can have a child? Especially since participation in “faith-based activities” is one of the requirements in the proposal? Who the heck is the government to tell parents in what faith – if any to bring up their children? What if they chose atheism or agnosticism? Of if they want the child to make a personal choice at an appropriate age? That’s protected by the Constitution, people. Read the damn document, for crying out loud. And who is the government of Indiana to decide whether a gay couple is fit to have a child via surrogacy? I’m friends with several gay couples who have kids and are much better parents than many hetero couples I see every day.

And Billy Graham’s son saying that Katrina was used to cleanse the streets of New Orleans of sinners (I’m paraphrasing here). Um, so if that’s true, why did so many churches get swept away but the strip clubs in the French Quarter remain intact? And doesn’t Revelations promise that the pious will be lifted up? Seems like some of them were swept away and left to die simply because they were poor. And since your interpretation of religion, sir, requires people to deny themselves the basics of life in order to tithe so you can live a life of luxury, I think there are some serious flaws in your theory. You know what? Maybe your God’s not so interested in what you have to say. Maybe you just don’t have His ear.

On to hockey:
Ahhhh. Rangers vs. Canadiens. Rangers played sloppily for most of the game, but got it together in the third period. They tied it up, but the Habs won in sudden death overtime. Kevin Weekes (who I’ve admired since his days with Carolina) is the Ranger’s #1 goalie now, and he did a good job. Nice to see Steve Rucchin over here now. Poti’s still here and Rucinsky’s back – they’re both terrific workhorses. Blair Betts played very well – I’m looking forward to seeing more of him – and I was impressed with Ryan Hollweg, formerly of the Medicine Hat Tigers. He’s a good, strong player. If he can keep his temper in check and learn when to let it out, I think he’s got a good future. On the Habs side, one of “my” boys from the 2002 Draft, Christopher Higgins, is now playing for them, and he did a nice job. Canadiens won 4-3 in overtime.

I was disappointed that the Sabres beat the Islanders. Snow’s backing up DiPietro now in goal, instead of the other way around, and “my” boys Blake, Bates, Godard, Hunter, and Parrish are still on the team. Plus, I am thrilled that Mike York (formerly a Ranger, then traded to Edmonton) is back in NY! He’s one of my favorites. And I think the world of their coach, Steve Stirling. I have no doubt they’ll come together and have a strong season.

The Devils beat the Penguins 5-1, and “my” boy Zach Parise scored one of the goals! (I interviewed him at the 2003 draft). I also have to keep a closer eye on Boston this year, since they were smart enough to add Brian Leetch to the roster. He’s been one of my favorite players since he joined the NY Rangers. And he’s one of the classiest guys around. Plus, Pat Leahy, one of “my” boys since his Bridgeport Sound Tiger days, is now on their roster, rather than playing in Providence.

Get well wishes out to Mats Sundin of the Toronto Maple Leafs. He’ll be out for 4-6 weeks, due to taking a puck in the left eye in Wednesday’s home opener. Get well soon! You’ll be missed.

Congrats to Mike Babcock, who’s now the head coach of the Detroit Red Wings. I interviewed him in 2003 when he was still head coach of the Mighty Ducks. In addition to being a great guy, he’s one of the smartest people I’ve ever met. Good choice for the Wings. He’ll bring an interesting perspective to Detroit – very different style from Bowman’s, but it’ll be a good contrast.

I was pretty shocked that the Calgary Flames were defeated by Minnesota in the season opener. Calgary’s one of my favorite teams. But then, Minnesota’s always been hungry.

I could go on and on and on. . . .

Writing-wise – not much done yesterday. More business stuff. Friday’s poem is up on Circadian. I need to run some errands and take care of my mom today. I also want to get some work done on Never Too Late and Imaginative Powers. I had some good ideas yesterday.

Better get going – we’re supposed to have storms and flooding today, and I want to get everything done earlier rather than later.



At 7:14 PM, Blogger Ann said...

I really liked this post. "Homeland security" has turned out to be one of the biggest wastes of taxpayer money ever. They do absolutely nothing.
And for Indiana's proposal - aaaargh. It's funny - there seem to be so many screwed up "families" in Indiana (I saw a kid today who has FOUR homes - he's never sure who's going to pick him up from school or where he will be that night) - that the legislature just ignores - and then they come up with lame laws like this.


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