Thursday, October 20, 2005

Thursday, October 20, 2005
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mars Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

Frustrating day yesterday. Barely any creative work done. And not much of anything else. I caught up on business-y things – although I didn’t get out the materials I planned. All e-mail catch up.

Then, I decided to work on the text for the other site. Worked on the text, went to code and add the navigation bar – and, somehow, the Site Builder (which was NOT on) launched itself when I signed in to the site and put up gibberish. I managed to get it off, but all the coded pages are useless. I have the text – but I have to recode everything.

Then I thought, okay, I’ll just use the site builder to update the single page I have because I have important info that needs to go up. Site Builder tried to upload pages from a site to which I wasn’t even logged in to.

I am so frustrated and so over the Yahoo hosts. I’ve paid them for years and they give ZERO customer service or support, they don’t actually READ your questions, they read the headline and then give a standard answer. I’m seriously thinking of moving hosts. That doesn’t help me now – and I’m sure it would be a pain to do. Maybe I should just move the one site and get it off Yahoo and then Yahoo can’t try to upload all the material from either site. However, I’ve found hosts that offer better deals and I could move both domains to them for less money than I pay now for one. AND they offer more bandwidth AND they offer more e-mail addresses. That’s the other thing – I’m supposed to get 25 addresses with EACH domain package. I tried to add an 11th to ONE of them, and was told I exceeded my quota and I HAD TO BUY IT. You know what they can do with that?

I’m too cross and too tired to make a rational decision right now. I ran my frustrations past a friend who actually understands all this crap, and I’ll see what he advises.

So, um, Lost: Better than it’s been; still not as good as it could be. Would someone just bludgeon Ana-Lucia already? I loathe bullies, and that’s what that character is. They can’t make excuses any more – she bullied Jack in the bar last season, under the guise of flirting, and she bullies everyone now. There’s a difference between being tough and resourceful and being a bully. That character is a bully. I like Echo a lot, although I suspect they’ve signed his death warrant by Ana-Lucia telling Sawyer he’ll come back. Truly angry that the next new episode is three weeks’ down the pike. That’s bullshit, pure and simple. The first four, dragged-out episodes could have been two tight, suspenseful ones. And now they take a three-week break?

I might not be back in three weeks. Lost might have lost me for good. I respect the actors a great deal, but I’m frustrated with this season’s pace. I know that they’ve expanded the ensemble and it’s a challenge the juggle that many stories (I learned that the hard way with Clear the Slot), but they’re writing to draw it out now (the way they did at the end of the last season, where they didn’t fulfill their promises to the audience) instead of making each episode as suspenseful as possible. And, the schedulers are not respecting the audience. What they did last year doling out the episodes was hateful. But they get away with it because it’s a good show.

I know I’m complaining to the network, and I urge every other fan to do the same.

Gotta run for the train – day work on the show, then down to set. I won’t be back on line again until, hopefully, sometime tomorrow, but, who knows?

I did manage to do the research for next week’s FemmeFan article pre-Breeders’ Cup. It’s going to be a thrilling day – and since I probably wrap at 5 AM that morning filming, I’m going to be a wreck.

And Microsoft already corrupted a brand new disk for no reason. AND Blogger's not working correctly.

So sick of technology where you pay to do ten times the work you'd do otherwise.



At 9:40 AM, Blogger Sandy J said...

Three weeks for the next episode! That really bites. And so does Yahoo. For some reason I get 'bounced' a lot.

At 10:18 AM, Blogger Lara said...

I don't even know if I WANT to buy the Season 2 DVD when it comes out. Especially after hearing your take! (Besides, I'm an instant gratification person--three weeks is just INHUMANE!)


hee hee--part of my word verification is "GIN" is someone trying to tell me something?

At 9:12 AM, Blogger Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

Hope yesterday was a fluke. Those kind of days grrrrrrrrrr. Blogger really ticked me off again. I use Haloscan for my comment method but on other blogs, such as yours, I signed in and Blogger revealed my user name, instead of my blogging name. That means that the password is also visible, so I had to immediately change my password, yet again. (This has happened 3 times since I began blogging in Dec.) Plus, I needed to post anonymously, like here, to explain who I was....

Sorry about Yahoo. I used to use them as an extra email account but then got gmail. Yahoo spammed my alternate email account even though I checked off "no lists to be on" etc.
Take care
(Green-Eyed Lady aka Silvermoon- I posted 2 poems at Silkenthreads but they're not of a Nov. theme....)


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