Monday, November 14, 2005

Monday, November 14, 2005
Almost Full Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Mars Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde – watch out!
Sunny and mild

So, Mercury’s gone retrograde today – difficulties with communication, travel, and electronics. But great shopping.

I baked Elizabeth Berg’s amazing Blueberry Butter Cake yesterday. In fact, it was so good, I baked two. I have to shoot off a note to her today, praising the recipe.

I worked on the Christmas story. The end is in sight, but I’m not there yet.

Worked on website stuff, and I’m trying to get everything sorted properly for the new web addresses. It seems that the only way I can get the web mail set up the way I want is to do it via Outlook – but that will give me problems accessing it away from home. Can’t win. Yahoo actually was better at the mail stuff, although the web hosting had a lot to be desired. My new web host is good, but I’m less than thrilled with the mail. I’ll have to play with it and figure it out. Maybe it should all just be forwarded.

My friend Michelle’s poem “Clarity” is up on Circadian this morning. When you have a minute, check it out.

Made my quota for Fix-It Girl today: 2667 words. The first part flowed well – I did a party scene. The next was a series of short bits that I need to move the characters from Point A to Point B. The overall shape of the piece is taking a slightly different direction. It wants to have a murder take place, but I think that will send it far off the rails – this is not a suspense novel or a thriller, it’s literary fiction. Putting in everything including the kitchen sink and the curtains is not going to help.

Part of that is because, for the past two years, I’ve been spinning four serials – juggling numerous subplots and multiple parallel plot lines. I need to remind myself to focus down for a linear novel. The point is not for this to go on for 1000 pages. I want it a good read at 300 or so.

Busy day today. I spend too much time frittering around and not enough focused. But the hours of focused writing leave my brain tired, and I have to fritter to rest it. 2500 words a day is a lot; keeping up that pace indefinitely would be impossible.

It is healthier than what I often did on the serials, which was to write 5-6,000 words one day and 100 the next. Steady pace is good. I think I need to not push so hard. I don’t want to fry myself.

But I do want to hit my 50K before leaving for Maine next week.

I have to admit, what I learned about focus, stamina, and approach to work from all those interviews with hockey players, when applied to my writing, has done more for me than anything else.

Speaking of which, rewrites for Clear the Slot are filtering into my head. I think I’ll be ready to do a serious revision after the first of the year, after talking about revising it for this entire year. I’m trying to set up a meeting with someone in the know to ask a few questions on one particular subplot that I think I’ve gotten completely wrong – and then I can tackle it again, and continue with Sweep Check, the second book in the series.

More short story ideas are nibbling at me as well. They will get some attention AFTER Nano.

The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project
Circadian Poems
The Scruffy Dog Review

The Fix-It Girl -- 37,897 words (Nano Goal 50,000)

The Fix-It Girl – 37,897 words (completion goal 100,000)

PS Of course -- Mercury is Retrograde. Why would I even think the Word Meter would be working today?



At 4:06 PM, Blogger Diana said...

I've had short story ideas bubbling up since I've been doing nano, too. That alone has been educational. Even if this turns out to be total crap, I see now that writing begets writing.


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