Friday, November 11, 2005

Nov. 11 Part II

I’m getting greedy. I want to do more on The Fix-It Girl. Today.

But there’s other writing that needs attention. And I’ve met my quota for the day.

The Harpy is making slow circles above me, giving out an occasional call, to remind me who’s in charge here.

And the text for the intro page to the business site is setting itself in my head. Now, if it would only CODE itself . . .but I need to learn it properly, and therefore I will do it. Properly.

Several people emailed me because they missed my musings on Lost. Yes, I did watch on Wed., although I was tempted to skip it. And, for the most part, I thought it was well-written. I had a bet going with someone as to who was going to get killed. I figured it would either be Shannon or Sun, and I chose Shannon; my friend chose Sawyer. Not enough for those merlot-coloured suede boots I have my eye on, but the satisfaction is worth more than the cash.

Anyway, as soon as Shannon had her romantic evening with Sayid, I figured she was a goner. After all, we still live in a quasi-Puritanical and hypocritical society where our art still punishes women who enjoy sex by putting them to death – be if Forrest Gump or Lost. It’s a shame that they chose to get rid of the character of Shannon – they missed a chance to show a lot of character growth. However, I heard a rumour (unconfirmed) that she wanted to leave the show, so maybe they decided to cut her arc short. Considering that she had to sign a multi-year contract when she was cast (only Matthew Fox and Dominic Monaghan would have the clout to have ‘outs’ written into their contract at the pilot stage), it makes me wonder what’s been going on back there. As long as everyone’s happy, good for all of them. And what did I say? Boone is still around, even if it is only in flashback. The production owns him for 5 – 7 years. That’s what happens when you sign on for a series. They’ll make use of him.

I suspect Echo will not be long with us, and that makes me sad, because the actor in the role (I have to look up his name) is quite wonderful. Michelle Rodriguez is doing a great job with Ana Lucia, and she’s certainly got her work cut out for her. It will take both writing and acting miracles to redeem that character. Chances are, somewhere along the line, she’ll only get redemption in death. Probably after sex and either saying “I love you” or having it said to her. I like the actress; I dislike the character. And I don’t enjoy disliking the character.

As they hauled Sawyer in his sling up the rough terrain, I wondered how many takes it took and how often they dropped him during the filming. I would not want to have been Josh Holloway in those shots. I also wondered how many squibs they used for Shannon’s gunshot wound, or if they got it in one (several times on the TV pilot last month, we were prepared to do up to three squibs for gunshot wounds, but they got it in one and we didn’t have to). What can I say? Wardrobe’s got to be ready for stuff like that. It’s not like you have time to wash the shirt in between takes. You have to have identical multiples of the shirt.

I think Charlie’s already using again – that’s the only thing that could explain his current behaviour – along with the fact that his character has suffered from weak writing so far this season. Monaghan’s gamely soldiering on, though, and I hope he gets a chance to do more in upcoming episodes.

Harold Perrineau Jr.’s (Michael) theatre training is showing – he had some beautifully subtle moments with Josh Holloway.

I want to see more of Desmond and I want to see more of Danielle. Hey, maybe if Desmond and Kate don’t hook up (which I want, but won’t happen), Desmond and Danielle could.

I’m also glad that the creators got over the anxiety that ran through the first few episodes of having to show us everybody all the time. Wed. proved that we can survive a week without Jack or Kate – we know they’re up to something, but we can hold them in our thoughts and still concentrate on what’s going on elsewhere. It doesn’t need to be long and dragged out on the one hand and then too many quick, too-short scenes to catch us up. We’re intelligent enough to concentrate on an episode featuring one set of scenes and then an episode featuring another set of scenes and not lose our place in the story.

Potential continuty problem: They keep talking about The Others taking children. Yet, in last season's shots of the inside of the plane, Walt was it. I bet they'll show us shots of the interior this season with extra kids in it -- but I don't believe they were in there last season. I'd have to check the Season 1 DVD to make sure.

Whether I continue to watch has more to do with the network than the creators at this point. If they’re only going to dole out a handful of episodes at a time, it’s not worth it to me. I don’t plan my life around ANY television show – unless it’s something I’ve worked on directly. But I won’t be held hostage by a network who strings me along. If there are 22 episodes in a season, I want to see more than 3 new episodes in a row. Even if there are only 13 new episodes in a season, I want them in order, not doled out like diamond-encrusted caviar. A network is not going to dictate my schedule. Unless I’m on set, bringing home some of their money.

Sorry, guys, maybe most of your viewers have no life. But I do. No matter how good you think your show is, my life comes first. Television comes later. Unless I’m on your payroll.



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