Wednesday, November 09, 2005

November 9 Part II

Tess Gerritsen has a wonderfully coherent and sane entry on money in her blog entry dated November 7. Hop on over to my links in “Daily Blog Reads” and pop on over to her blog. Her acumen is acutely helpful.

Posted my entry on today’s Scruffy Dog Review Blog. Wrote next week’s as well – but you don’t get to read it until next Wed.! ;)

I have chocolate chip cookies baking in the oven, and I’m now getting prepared to tackle the Christmas story. I’d like to finish it this week so I can start the layout and design over the weekend and print it off next week. But it’s taken on a life of its own.

That’s what happened when the original Christmas story that I started a couple of months ago decided it was a novella. And now it’s in a holding pattern, because I haven’t been able to fit it in.

Here’s hoping this one doesn’t try that little maneuver!



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