Sunday, November 06, 2005

Sunday, November 6, 2005
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Mars Retrograde
Cloudy and warm

I so do not feel like writing today. I might give myself today off. I have to finish one article, but I’m in good shape with every thing else on my plate. There’s always more I should do, but I’m okay with the “have tos”.

Need to rewrite that difficult letter as well.

The Fog.

No, not the movie, but in and around where I live this morning. Usually, we don’t have this much fog. Certainly, having fog so thick one can’t see across the parking lot is even rarer. I drove very carefully this morning when I went to fetch the newspapers. Cars would show up, but I was more worried that a person would step off the curb and I wouldn’t see the person until it was too late. Even with caution, I drove through one red light – because I literally did not see that there was a light hanging up there until I was directly underneath it. That’s how thick the fog was.

I’m worried about the Marathon runners – it’s expected to be in the high sixties, low seventies today, and that’s awfully warm weather in which to run.

New Yorkers love the Marathon runners, though – they come out and support them full force. We grumble a lot in the days leading up to it, trying to dodge participants getting in last training sessions through the streets. But the truth is, we love each and every one of them, and admire them for having the guts to do this.

I wanted to bake some bread and, also, Elizabeth Berg’s amazing Blueberry Butter Cake – but it’s far too warm to bake today. I’ll wait until it cools down.

I’m disgusted by falling short on my financials as far as the writing goes this year, and I have no one to blame but myself. I stayed in low-paying assignments far too long, and, out of sheer exhaustion from the energy used up by those assignments, did not go after the higher-paying assignments I need. Part of my GDR for next year is figuring out a better plan to earn more money writing. I’m writing steadily, but the steady stream of words also has to bring in a steady stream of dollars. I know how much I need to earn each week and month – now I need to put sane and rational plans into effect to achieve it. I need to restructure the writing time and the business time better, and spend more time every day on the business aspect, instead of only a couple of times a week. Do the creative work first, when my energy is highest; then spend X hours per day on the rest of it.

If they don’t know about me, they can’t hire me.

Later today, I will try to update my links. Yesterday, I spent 45 minutes coding new links (mostly in the NaNo section) and then Blogger dumped them all, because they decided they were “down for maintenance” for two hours. This was, of course, after they hadn’t been working properly for the previous six.

Once my domains are switched over and back up, I want to look into the possibility of moving the blog directly to the site instead of dealing with the constant problems here. Part of that will be dictated by whether or not I can afford the time and effort to learn the coding, and whether I can actually learn the coding.

One step at a time. First the domains have to be shifted. Then, I’m re-working some of the DE pages. I may set up my third domain just for business writing, coaching, and workshops. I think that would make more sense than lumping it all together on one site.

One step at a time.

And now . . . to not write for a few hours.



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