Thursday, November 10, 2005

Thursday, November 10, 2005
Waxing Moon
Uranus Retrograde
Mars Retrograde
Overcast and cool

Four pages on the Christmas story yesterday. Now I’m hoping to cap it at 25. Sigh. Well, I have to let it take its course. I won’t have much time to do the revisions – and it needs revision. I wish I had done an early draft in August, so that it would have its proper percolation time. Or maybe it was percolating all this time and . . .whatever. I have to shrink my process, do darned good edits early on – once the darned thing is finished – and then design it, lay it out and print it.

More work on holiday stuff in general. I want to be organized this year so I can actually enjoy the holiday.

2603 words on Fix-It Girl this morning, which brings me over the 50% mark. They were a struggle at first, and then, the story took an unexpected turn. And I went with it. It will feed in to the plot I’ve already set up quite well, and I’m pleased. My two main characters are revealing their feelings for each other a bit earlier than I expected, but it works within the context of the story. And I plan to throw an obstacle or two in their way quite soon. I’ve got the backstage machinations of 1930s Hollywood down, but I need to research more place and space details for the next draft. There’s not enough sense of place in this draft – I’m working from character and using dialogue to move the plot forward. However, as the piece grows, the settings – Hollywood, then New York, then London and Paris – will be major influential forces – and I have to get the detail and the sensory details right so that I can transport the reader on this ride with me.

But, for NaNo – words on paper. Get the story down. See the shape. See the tangents. See the possibilities.

Make the choices later.

I expect to spend at least a year, maybe two, on the rewrites.

And I’m realizing just how much work has to be done on the serials to give them their next shot at life.

Did some web work yesterday, too. I wanted to make sure I had hard copies of all the coded pages for the site. Re-reading them, I realize just how much information I need to change. The site is way out of date. I love the design of it – Colin’s brilliance, yet again – but I need to change the content.

Day work and then a meeting tonight. Hopefully, I can work on Never Too Late on the train. I’m in an interesting sequence that’s highly emotional for my fourteen-year-old protagonist and I can’t just leave it hanging. Especially since I’m planting the seeds for some storylines that won’t be wrapped up until book 12 or 13. I envision 13 books with these characters.

I have a pounding headache that I hope I can chase away, or today will be a very, very long day.

The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project
Circadian Poems
The Scruffy Dog Review

The Fix-It Girl – 26,712 words (NaNo Goal – 50,000)
Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
26 / 50

The Fix-It Girl – 26,712 words (completion goal – 100,000)

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
26 / 100


At 10:39 AM, Blogger David Bridger said...

Well done, Devon. Halfway to your nano target. That's a significant milestone.

At 11:11 AM, Blogger Anita said...

Good job! I wish I was halfway through by now. I love your blog and have been really enjoying clicking on all your links!

At 7:58 AM, Blogger Melissa said...

Congrats on reaching the halfway mark!


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