Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wednesday, November 16, 2005
Waning Moon
Mars Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and warm

Only two retrogrades! Woo-hoo!

I went in to day work yesterday and they kept me for the show, because somebody got sick. More money and a meal penalty. I like that. Of course, it’s the Heavy Coat Track, and my body is less than amused with me today. And enough little things had changed so that there were times that I fumbled. Such as: on the biggest coat, instead of the fastening being snap-bar-snap across the shoulder of a tall actor I quick change in the dark, so I reach up and do it by feel, it’s now bar-snap-bar. Yeah. And the actor I’d never dressed in one particular change – we talk through the change and the pieces – only he never tells me there’s a shirt in there. I found it because it was on the rack right where it should be and we got it done, but when I say, “Are there any other pieces other than jacket, hat, gloves, glasses, boots, tickets?”, it would have been a good idea to mention the shirt.

And the new ball gown. Stunning piece of workmanship. On for 35 seconds. Hell to put on. Underskirt that’s a collapsible hoop. Fastens in front. Not attached to the rest of the garment. A hook-and-bar at the waist and five large snaps down the back skirt. Inner bra. Bodice with separated zipper that’s a big on the snug side, and then force the hook-and-bar at the top so that the zipper doesn’t undo during the procession and she’s not out of the top of her costume. More snaps down the back, and a drape across the back of the hoop to hide all the hardware. In a quick change.

Nobody died, everyone got out on time in the right costume. Some days, that’s the best for which one can hope.

If you want to read something brilliant, hop on over to Costume Imp, scroll down and read "The Ten Commandments of Costumes." If you’ve never worked backstage, it’ll open your eyes. If you have, you’ll get a good chuckle out of it.

In my dinner break, I visited Vinyl in its new location – closer to the theatre. Always a good thing. Same great food and friendly service.

I wrote a new Christmas story.

Started it at 4:25 p.m. Finished at 5:11 p.m. While scarfing down Shepard’s pie and a glass of cab sav.

It’s light and funny and . . .short.

This is the one I’m using for this year. Six pages. Fun and more in keeping with what I want and need to do for this year’s Christmas story. The other one, that’s stretching out to 25 or 30 pages, will be used in another year for something else.

So today, I type it up, hide it from myself for a day or so, start editing, and start the layout. I want to print it this weekend, because some of them have to go out with the overseas holiday cards at the end of next week.

I didn’t get anything done for NaNo yesterday. Which means I SHOULD write 5K today.

Yeah, right.

I’m going to try to split it into 3 sessions today, so I don’t push too hard, and see how much I can do.

I’ve also got to get today’s poem up at Circadian, and my weekly essay up on The Scruffy Dog Review blog. If you didn’t read Colin Galbraith’s excellent article yesterday on Circadian about Edwin Morgan, hop over and do so. It’s terrific, and makes me want to hunt down Morgan’s work.

And so . . .to work.



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Yikes - it is Christmas card time, isn't it? Where has this month gone...


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