Sunday, December 04, 2005

Dec. 4 Part II

I won’t be online tomorrow – got a call to work a TV show for the day (a different one, not the pilot I did in Oct). I have to be out at Kaufman Astoria Studios at 8 AM. I’ll be up before 5 and on a 6 AM train.

I’m publishing tomorrow’s Circadian Poem tonight and then I’ll blog again on Tuesday morning before leaving for the theatre.

Busted my ass going through paperwork and filing all day. Depressed because it still looks like the place has been ransacked.

I managed to get the holiday greetings and thank yous out to the Circadian poets and essayists. But I still haven’t started the holiday cards or edited the Christmas story. I’m just wrung out.

I’m going to do a bit of writing now, I hope, and then try to relax this evening, go to bed early, and be focused and capable at work tomorrow.



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