Friday, December 02, 2005

Friday, December 02, 2005
Waxing Moon
Mars Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

I slept in until 7:30 this morning, which was pretty great. I would have liked to stay in bed longer, but . . .that’s the way it goes.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I was worried at the outset, since socializing was the last thing I felt like doing.

Got my breakfast as take-out from the diner on the corner. Poached eggs on toast. And the owner added hash browns – just because. Yummy! A good Mercury retrograde bit.

I walked from 39th St. and 9th Ave. all the way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art – 86th St. and 5th Ave. A total of 51 blocks – figure 10 city blocks to a mile – you get the picture.

I took quite a few pictures – of the ice rink and carousel at Bryant Park, Patience and Fortitude, the tree at Rockefeller Center, etc.

Wandering up Fifth Avenue gave me time to think. It didn’t really help – there are things that will continue to weigh heavily on me until they’re resolved.

While I waited for my friends at the Met, a woman came up and insisted that I was someone named “Annabelle” with whom she’d gone to high school in Georgia. She would not accept the fact that, not only am I NOT Annabelle, I’ve never gone to school in Georgia. It was ridiculous. I showed her my business card, and she said, “Anyone can make business cards.” When I asked her why Annabelle would refuse to acknowledge her, she got all flustery and dashed away.

Of course, the first thing we did was visit the Angel Tree. It is one of the most beautiful displays ever, with all the Neapolitan figures so beautifully restored and cared for. I took some photos, and then one of the guards said I couldn’t. I apologized, saying that I thought the sign said “no flash”. He said, “No, no photos”, but then another guard said that wasn’t true, it meant “no flash, and, besides, that nun over there is taking pictures and we’re not stopping her.”

We also visited the Fra Angelico exhibit – his progress and growth over the course of his career is truly wonderful. I love the panels painted on wood best – there’s something about using wood, which is alive, that adds so much to work.

We ate in the busy, noisy cafeteria and then continued our progress.

We visited the exhibit on Spirit Photography. I found it interesting in how the photographers progressed with photographic techniques we now take for granted, and, also, people’s need to believe in contact with ghosts. It was very interesting to feel the difference in photos obviously set up as hoaxes and those where, at least some of the participants, believed the scene was real.

I also got ideas for several stories, which are hovering on the edge of my consciousness. One of them might be a Nina Bell story, but would I set it back in the 1990s or in the present? Without writing Finding Jake, which constitutes such a huge change in her point of view and her life, I don’t know if I could just flash forward and set her somewhere now. I need to know more about the enormous changes she goes through in her early twenties.

However, it makes me eager to return to edit Tapestry and start sending it out.

We split up after the Spirits; some of us did some shopping – I found the final present for my list, and I received an Angel Tree Advent Calendar for free! Love that! Yet another positive from the Mercury Retrograde.

A friend and I took a bus across the Park and then down Broadway. We meandered past the craziness for the opening of The Color Purple and across the street to Starbucks for a peppermint hot chocolate – which they gave us for free, along with cookies, because that’s what they were doing! Love that Merc Ret!

I went back to my friend’s apartment to get myself together. I was tired, and the Weight came back. But, I fed the cats and forced myself back out. I’d promised to go to the NaNo party, and, gosh darn it, I was going to go and I was going to have fun!

I took the bus down Fifth Avenue, then walked east across 8th St. I hadn’t been in the neighborhood for years. I love it. Cooper Square is very different – a behemoth of lofts has gone up, and the old diner I spent many college meals in is now a Venti-sized Starbucks – with the old coffee place across the street yet another one.

But St. Mark’s Place itself is still, well, St. Mark’s. The vibe is in the very cement.

The NaNo party was fun. Met a lot of great people, talked about all sorts of stuff. It’s nice to know other writers in NY – most of my friends are theatre techs or actors, and it’s nice to have other writers to talk to and hang out with. It’s a good bunch, and I hope at least some of us keep in touch over the year.

My hamburger, however, was uncooked and cold in the middle. By the time I got to that part, I’d eaten half of it, and couldn’t send it back. Oh, well.

Walked up to Union Square (all decked out for the holidays) and took the Q train back to 42nd, then headed over to the theatre where Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is playing. Visited with all my old buddies, then a group of us went over to the Hilton to have a couple of drinks and catch up. Everyone’s doing well, which is nice.

Got back to the apartment a little after eleven, gave the cats a snack, played with them, read a bit and went to sleep.

I was annoyed by someone (not involved with Chitty or NaNo) and my feelings were – hurt? Ruffled? – and then I thought, wait a minute! Will I care about this in five years? Will anyone care about this in fifteen? Since the answer to both questions was no, I decided not to be out of sorts. I have way too many things that need worry – why worry about something that doesn’t?

Cold and there’s a snowstorm headed this way this weekend. The show called and I have to come in during the day – then go grocery shopping when I get back out to my place, so I can bring in a meal for my friend, so he comes home to something he can just heat up on Sunday.

Now, I want to get some writing done before I head up to the theatre.

I’m hoping I can do some good work on the websites over the weekend. I want to get them up sooner rather than later.

The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project
Circadian Poems
The Scruffy Dog Review


At 9:41 AM, Blogger David Bridger said...

I'm glad you're okay. Sounds like a great day! And you're dealing sensibly with the Weight, too.

I had good news today - it's not cancer. Thank you for your thoughts. :)

At 12:45 PM, Blogger Debra Young said...

What a fun day--even with its eccentricities. That woman--wasn't she a wonder? d:)


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