Thursday, December 29, 2005


1. Take some time and look back at 2005. Write a few summary paragraphs (NOT A LIST) to evaluate the year.

2005 was a roller coaster year. It seemed that I was moving along on the plan during the first three quarters of the year, albeit more slowly than I would have liked. Then, between my mother’s accident, the Major Unpleasantness, and the Situation, everything went to hell in a hand basket.

I kept to my fiction writing. In fact, I completed the first volume of Ransagh. I also made the difficult decision to leave KIC – much later than I should have. Three of the four serials are still hanging in unfinished limbo land and must be dealt with. They are draining me.

I also did the script of Glamorous Hearts, with which I’m very happy.

I took a leap in my writing – a leap in style, craft and understanding. I think that’s important.

However, I did not push myself hard enough or far enough in the business writing, nor did I accelerate the learning curve of HTML the way I should have. Therefore, my finances suffered enormously.

2. What achievement left you proudest last year?

There’s more than one achievement which left me proud: finishing the first volume of Ransagh; writing the script for Glamorous Hearts; writing the novella Elusive Prayers; starting both The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project and Circadian Poems. And, discovering that I enjoy the well-paying television work.

Also, the fact that I committed to and completed National Novel Writing Month was a big accomplishment.

3. What were your disappointments?

I did not hit the financial goals I set for myself, and I have no one to blame but myself. I didn’t push hard enough in the business writing; I didn’t learn fast enough the HTML coding; I didn’t resign soon enough from KIC to give me the time and space to take higher-paid gigs. That and not revising Clear the Slot, which should have been completed this year, but now gets pushed back to 2006. I simply wasn’t ready emotionally to deal with CTS. Some of the novels I’d hoped to do this year were pushed back because other stories pulled harder.

4. What did you choose to remove from the list?

Intricacies of a Labyrinth, The Cooking Cure, Change on the Fly, and Curse of the Moon-Faced Clock all got bumped back.

5. What do you wish you had done differently?

Resigned from KIC earlier; pushed the business writing more, learned the web stuff better.

6. How did your goals for the year evolve and change over the course of it, and what were the unexpected experiences?

I’m moving back to novel-length fiction. There were so many unexpected experiences – I found that the more flexibility I build into my goals – without lessening the strive for them – the more I can take advantage of opportunities that present themselves.

7. What was the best unexpected thing to happen in your year?

That I had the opportunity to not only work on two television pilots (as a wardrobe person), but I enjoyed it.

8. Looking ahead, what are your goals for 2006?

Edit and begin shopping both Clear the Slot and Tapestry
Get all three websites up and running and keep them well maintained
Complete the first draft of three novels (hopefully Fix-It Girl, Shallid, and Periwinkle. Oh, and I wanted all three volumes of Ransagh finished, too, but that’s more than 3).
Finish the unfinished serials.
Expand the business writing.
Teach more workshops
Do as much television work as possible
Apply what I’ve learned in marketing and business trends to my work
Be more steady in the article and short story work rather than writing them in spurts
Continue building both Circadian Poems and The Thirteen Traveling Journals Project
Build Kemmyrk into something useful, articulate, and unusual
Work on the tarot book
Continue the Whaling research
Resolve The Situation in a positive way for all concerned and be in a better place (yes, on this earth) at this time next year.
Not let the Spiritual side of my life fall by the wayside, which happened this year.

9. What steps do you plan to get you there?

More self-discipline
More flexibility (no, those are NOT mutually exclusive)
Work harder to learn the HTML stuff
Promote myself in a smarter fashion
Balance the creative work and the business work more, giving each equal weight, instead of see-sawing.

10. What are your dreams for 2006?
Peaceful and positive resolution of The Situation
Help my mother in her recovery
Prosperity and abundance in all areas of my life.

11. What steps will you take to bring you closer to them?

Do the necessary research, keep a cool head, and realize that the Universe is going to make it happen in ITS time and way, not mine.

12. What are your resolutions for 2006?

Commit to my yoga practice
Recommit to my spiritual practice
Ratchet up the commitment to my writing

13. How do you plan to get there?

Attend to each aspect carefully and mindfully every day.

14. What changes has the last year brought to your long-term plan?

I’m squeezed tighter financially, but pushed harder in every other way. The three year plan has to accelerate, but I’m not sure how to get there. I have to focus on the result and remain aware and alert to the opportunities to get me there. I also have to say “no” more often to low or non-paying work.

15. Where would you like to be one year from now?

Living a more balanced and secure life, dedicated to my true vocation (writing).


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