Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thursday, December 01, 2005
New Moon
Mars Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

I’m blogging from my friend’s apartment on 9th Ave here in NYC. Yes, I packed some disks and brought some work along with me!

Today is World AIDS day – let’s take a moment to remember those we’ve lost to the disease and renew our commitment to finding a cure.

I lost most of yesterday dealing with the Major Unpleasantness. I’m sorry I can’t discuss it here – all I can do is ask that you hold a good thought. I’m exhausted, depleted physically and emotionally and just, pretty much, wrung out.

I came into the city in the early evening. The train ride was more excruciating than usual – no seats, rude people, etc., etc. But I did use my holiday bonus ticket from the MTA. I didn’t think I’d get one, but I did when I bought my ten trip ticket. I’d rather see them use the money to train the union members how to deal with terrorist attacks (which is the biggest issue on the table in the ongoing contract negotiations), but that didn’t stop me from using the ticket.

I was not about to tackle The Deuce tonight trying to get across town, so at 5th Ave., I stopped to visit Pat and Fort (Patience and Fortitude, the lions outside the library) and took 40th St. across. The boys don’t have their holiday collars on yet, but they always look beautiful. The ice rink is open at Bryant Park, the Carousel was open, and the little cabanas selling ornaments were busy – it was lovely.

I stopped in a deli in the garment district to pick up a couple of beers and headed to the apartment. The cats were delighted to see me, and we settled in for a cozy night.

I managed to get about a half a page done on Never Too Late – realizing that I was in the middle of the chapter, but the beginning of the chapter was in the previous notebook – which I didn’t have with me. Something else to fix in the rewrite.

Watched Lost and thought it was a good episode. The Kate-Jack, Kate-Sawyer, Jack-Sawyer, Jack-Ana Lucia dynamics were all well balanced; Eko continues to be a wonderful addition to the cast; Charlie was better written for once – I feel badly for Monaghan, because he’s been given so little to work with thus far this season. Bluntly, I think that the castaways should put “the project” at risk. I don’t know if I’ve written about this opinion previously – if I have, please forgive me. The island obviously has some sort of power – be it mystical or electromagnetic, or whatever. I don’t believe for one moment that these folks who call themselves “Dharma” created this project for anyone’s good – the polar bears, the monster (probably a genetic mutation from one of their experiments), etc., etc. I think this is a place for genetic experiments. Again, I look back to the Agatha Christie book Destination Unknown. I think they should stop pressing the button. Whatever mistake was made by the Dharma folks – something that probably mutated the bodies of animals and the minds of the Others – the artificial controls should be lifted and let Nature put things back in balance. It won’t be pretty and it would be violent, but, in the long run, I think our castaways would benefit. I wonder if the ultimate theme of the series will be Artifice (masquerading as science, but not truly science) vs. Nature. And the last image moment of the episode? Let’s just say I am suspicious. If it truly is what it appears, the creators are taking the easy way out. And I hope they haven’t.

I watched Invasion, too, but since I haven’t watched much of it, I’m a bit confused. I think I’ve put together the story – and parts of last night were pretty disgusting. Basically, I wanted to see it because William Fichtner and I worked together off-Broadway years ago, and I’m delighted that he’s doing so well. He was always a pleasure to work with.

Tonight, The Color Purple opens on Broadway. I hope it’s an enormous hit. A lot of heart and soul went into bringing this production to Broadway. I’m very excited and hopeful for them.

I will attempt to get some work done this morning, before I leave to start my day of socializing. I’m exhausted and emotionally fragile today – not the way I like to socialize – but, I’m hoping that being out and about will get me out of myself and give me a break in all this; maybe even gain some perspective. It’s a day at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and an evening at the NaNo Thank God It’s Over Party.

I'm hoping the migraine lets up.

My friend’s cats are delighted that I’m here and I’m delighted to be here with them. They are so affectionate. Absolute sweethearts.

Now, to try to do some work on Fix-It Girl. And maybe Never Too Late.

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At 8:57 AM, Blogger busy91 said...

I'm sorry you are dealing with some stuff now. Here is a (((HUG))). Yesterday in the city was a friggin' nightmare. I had to go to a party at the Rainbow Room in Rock Center, Geez Oh Geez, it was like walking through Tokyo during rush hour. Damn Tree! LOL!

At 9:02 AM, Blogger David Bridger said...

Holding you in the Light.

At 11:51 AM, Blogger Lara said...

I hope the Major Unpleasantness subsides soon for you! Hubby and I watched the lighting of the tree in Rockefeller Center last night. New York must be a fun place at Christmas!


At 9:56 PM, Blogger Anita said...

I'm thinking of you and I hope things get better.

I agree with your observations about Lost, by the way. They absolutely should stop pushing the button. I want to see what happens then.

I hope your TGIO party goes well. Mine is Saturday.

At 12:31 AM, Blogger Sue said...

Hope you feel better soon and the other drama starts to settle! Take've had enough on your plate for a bit!

Will be keeping you in my thoughts and wishing a wonderful, positive outcome!


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