Thursday, December 15, 2005

Thursday, December 15, 2005
Full Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Sunny and cold

Yesterday was all about medical appointments. The best ones were the acupuncture – although, for some reason, I was hyper-sensitive to the needles. But, I felt better after.

My mom had a rough night last night—she’s still in a lot of pain.

Got a bit of writing done. Surfed the job boards for awhile – ever so many of the ads are simply insulting to anyone who is a professional. Telling someone you’ll pay them only $25 to edit a 100+ page manuscript? Editing goes from $4-$6 page on the low end, if you get someone who’s any good. $100 for 100 articles? I think not.

I revisited my 2005 GDRs and will post the results. The year took some interesting turns. I didn’t achieve what I wanted, mostly on a financial level. I did fairly well on a creative level, although not always with the projects I anticipated.

The big thing, as I work on the GDRs for 2006 is NOT to lower my expectations for myself. I don’t believe in doing that. So, I get frustrated sometimes. But then I have to work harder.

Instead, what I’m doing is trying to create and set up systems in order to reach those goals. Approach things differently.

The most important thing I have to do is work smarter. It’s not the hours, it’s not the pages, it’s making the most efficient use of my time and energy in order to get the biggest return, both creatively and financially. The financial aspect has to the be priority in 2006 -- I have to get that sorted out or I won’t be able to make the transition into full time writing.

In a typically Republican move, the House of Representatives, led by a Republican, has taken 90 million dollars out of the money earmarked to protect us from the forewarned flu pandemic – for Viagra and the like. (Check out today’s story in the NY Daily News). So Republican of them – women’s health care is considered murder, yet they will fund men’s sexual stimulants, even though much of the documented use is by sex offenders. NY State is working to prevent sex offenders from purchasing erectile enhancers, but, please . . .shouldn’t flu vaccines come before Viagra? Oh, yeah, this guy received $114,000 from the lobbyists this year, too.

As far as the proposed Transit Strike – the “deal” the MTA offered is an insult to anyone who works for a living. I think that every union person in the city should walk out if the MTA does. Period. Shut down the city for the weekend entirely – all entertainment, all hotels, all transportation, all restaurants. The labor movement has gotten ridiculous by not banding together and supporting each other.

The MTA keeps giving itself raises, cutting back workers on the trains, and refusing to train the workers so that they can evacuate passengers in the next terrorist attack. Let’s face it – a train operator cannot evacuate several thousand people by himself. It’s not physically possible. The first place cuts need to be made is in the executive office. Executives in any corporation should not receive raises whenever they throw thousands of people out of work. Cut the executives first (having temped for years in offices, I know first hand that most of them don’t actually do anything except talk sports and make disparaging comments about women) and give the money to the people who actually do the work.

Back to Holiday Hell later today, so there’s a lot to do beforehand.

Back to work.

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