Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday, January 20, 2006
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and milder

Ran errands, paid bills, got books. Always a good way to end the errands – a treat of a book! And I admit it – Borders roped me in. Every time I buy a book, they hand me a discount coupon for the following week. I come back, buy the next book on my list – and get another coupon. I know I’m being played, and I don’t mind, in this case.

Because I still go buy books from the independents, too!

Worked on chapters 11 & 12 of Draft 5 of Clear the Slot (which are now Chapter 9 in Draft 6). Printed out all the revised pages. Once I have the new Chapter 10 done, I’m going to take some time and go through the first half of the revision again before going on to the second.

Printed up Chapters 13, 14, & 15 of Draft 5 for revisions. I thin I want to split them up into two chapters as well, but I have to find the good chapter ending within Chapter 14.

I forgot to mention that I re-read Glamorous Hearts as the first step towards adapting it from radio script into novel. It’s seriously cute. And not in a bad way. It’s a very sweet, light-hearted, romantic romp. It’s also going to be quite a challenge to adapt it, and will take quite awhile, which is fine. For this particular piece, I think I’m going to have to decide which scenes become which chapters, write it out in prose, then go back in and add in the descriptive details. I’ll stop and research as I go, chapter by chapter. I don’t want to lose the undercurrent of Leonard’s experience in World War I and how that affects him. I think it plays well against the overall lightness of the piece. And I want to make sure I have plenty of period detail about New York City in 1921, about clothes, hairstyles, etc. I’d done some research to write the original radio play, but since I can move beyond dialogue by opening it out into a novel, balancing the description with the dialogue will be the major challenge.

The Kemmyrk column got up a bit late in the afternoon yesterday; and today’s Circadian poem will be late because I’m having trouble with the file.

Meeting last night about The Situation – good turnout, good information, a plan of action formed. It’s good to know we’re not out there alone. The Mayor and two City Councilors were there – one of whom remembers me from high school, which is pretty funny. I always assume no one’s going to remember me.

My neighbor came up for a glass of wine after the meeting – turns out I went to high school with several of her siblings! Too funny.

I am exhausted, though, physically and mentally. And I need to pull it together and get more writing done today. I’m behind on the goal for the Fix-It Girl, but everything else seems to be percolating along okay.

I think I need to smudge the apartment, too. With all the tensions from the Situation hanging over us, it’s becoming difficult to create here.



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