Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jan. 25 Part II

I was called to work the TV show tomorrow, so I had to pull myself out of the Malaise and be slightly productive. I can go in late enough to leave from here, but I won’t have time to go online.

Looks like another 5 AM alarm, at least.

At any rate, Circadian is up and so is the Dog Blog. I am working on both tomorrow’s Circadian and on Kemmyrk, which might go up later tonight.

I worked on the revised Chapter 10 of Clear the Slot and it looks like, in a day or two, I can re-read the first half of the revision and see where we are. I’m glad I took a few days away from it – I was starting to get too immersed in the world and had lost my objectivity. Then, I’ll focus solely on the second half of the revision, so that the first half doesn’t get 100 re-readings while the second half only gets 12. I’ll leave the first bit alone until I’m done with the second half, then read it all together and see what doesn’t coordinate.

Meanwhile, both Fix-It Girl and Periwinkle are going, “Hey, don’t you dare forget about US!”

But for now, it’s back to Hearth Phoenix. The piece pushes a lot of buttons, and it may never be something that can be whipped into saleable shape, but, for my own well-being, I have to write it.

Till Friday, then, at least.



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