Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday, January 23, 2006
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Rainy and cold

Plenty of school delays, school closings, etc. I hope the brook doesn’t overflow. It’s rather miserable today, and I hope to stay safely tucked in here at home all day.

Lots of business/admin work to catch up on, and then also lots of writing waiting impatiently for attention.

Acupuncture was a relief yesterday – although it’s the most needles I’ve ever needed. Between stress and the physical demands of both backstage and set work, my body is suffering. Next time you watch a TV show, think of all the physical pain that went into it. An hour-long series episode usually takes eight days to shoot. Eight days of at least 15 hours, often more, in all weathers, or in a hot studio room under lights. There’s lots of lifting involved, and lots of standing. And the need for intense concentration, or the piece falls apart.

It’s not that there’s never down time or never laughter and fun; but the focus is on the work that needs to be done and done well, and you have to be ready to jump into action at any moment. And know when to take action and when to sit tight. And, while the camera’s rolling, to be absolutely still.

I couldn’t write much when I got back, because I had to let the treatment set. But I went over the material I have for the tarot book. I may need to do a preliminary outline before I write it, and then, once it’s done, rewrite the outline for the proposal. The focus is quite different than the tarot books out there, which is why I think it will sell, and I also want to keep the material separate from what’s on Kemmyrk – the blog expands on the material in the book without each duplicating the other; at the same time, each can stand alone.

After the acupuncture, several more characters came and began telling me their stories. I took notes. I don’t want to start anything new, because I have plenty that needs my attention, and I don’t want to fracture the attention any further and do a disservice to the works already in progress. Also, I wonder if perhaps some of these characters could be convinced to inhabit the same world (book). I made the necessary notes, put them in the file, and moved on. The ideas need to rise like bread dough. I’ll know when they’re ready to bake.

I’m sleeping much, much more than usual. Part of it is due to the intense stress of The Situation. Part of it is because, when I am working, right now, each aspect of my work demands the fiercest of concentration, and I’m tired when I’m done.

The big dilemma in structuring each day’s work is whether to do the creative work first or the practical. I’m best in the morning, so it makes sense to do the creative. Yet, once I’m on the computer, I’m in the mindset for the practical.

I’m experimenting with doing the “have-tos” first off – the blog, Circadian, whatever column is due that day, deadlined work, etc., first, and then switching for a few hours to writing; then, when I get tired from the creating, going back to the practical.

If I don’t keep to the commitments first and try to sit down and simply write, it bothers me and I can’t concentrate. If I do all the practical work first, I run out of energy and have nothing left to create. So it’s that juggling act again, and finding a way to give strong attention to both.


PS Hop on over to Circadian -- Part I of Colin Galbraith's article on Robert Burns is up. Part II will go up tomorrow. Wednesday is both Burns night and Virginia Woolf's birthday -- Circadian plans to celebrate both.


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