Saturday, January 07, 2006

Saturday, January 7, 2006
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Sunny and cold

I’m a bit confused about the conflicting reports coming out of the mining tragedy in W.VA. Early on, there were reports that it is a non-union mine. Yet union officials are talking about the safety hazards. My question is: if the mine was non-union, are the union officials making noise to try to unionize it, trying to make the point that it would be safer if it was a unionized mine? And, if it WAS a union mine, the union definitely failed its membership by allowing them to work in a mine with as many known safety violations as this one had. Why were they ignored, by both ownership and the union? Why weren’t the workers pulled from the mine by their union, even if the mine had not yet been shut down? I find it difficult to believe that there’s no fund set up by the union to pay miners pulled off a job because of safety hazards. Knowing these people live from paycheck to paycheck, it is the union’s responsibility to make sure that the workers aren’t forced to work in sub-human, mortally dangerous conditions because they can’t afford to refuse. And the owners –even though they only owned the mine for two months – had a responsibility to fix the safety violations IMMEDIATELY, not just shrug and say they were looking in to it.

The day on the TV show was a long one. I was on the clock for just over 15 hours. We didn’t get out until nearly 1 AM on Friday morning. Fortunately, my friend A. took me in and I caught a few hours’ sleep before taking the train back home, or I would have had to wander the streets of Manhattan until the commuter trains started running again. I was feeling way under the weather yesterday. I took care of some business, then went back to bed and slept for a few hours in the afternoon.

I enjoyed myself. It was physical work and several locations and lots of extras, but, for the most part, it was fun. A little hectic at some points, but fun. The last I heard, this series will debut in March. I’ll keep you posted. There are a lot of good people working on it, and the atmosphere is pretty decent.

Once I got up, it was time to take down the decorations. Boy, the space looks bare! Wow. Quite a difference.

Watched the premiere of a wonderful new show last night, The Book of Daniel, about an Episcopal priest struggling with his life. The religious right is having fifteen fits, of course, and I bet most of them are doing so without ever having watched an episode. The show is not blasphemous at all. It’s about the beauty and necessity of faith, especially in the difficult times, and how no one can “fix” everything, not even the Heavenly Host. It’s also about deep love. In spite of not always getting along, the characters in this dysfunctional family have a deep, deep love for each other. It’s beautifully written and acted. And I’ve worked with two of the cast members in shows over the years– Laila Robins and Kathleen Chalfant – they are wonderful in this (plus, they’re great to work with).

Overslept today, and then had to do some errands in regard to The Situation. I want to be hopeful about a positive outcome, but I’m very depressed about it at the moment.

I did a bit of work on revising Chapter 9 of Clear the Slot last night. I want to fix the typos in the first three chapters and then start typing the revisions of 4-9.

I also want to do some work on the Fantasy Epic. It’s been kind of stalled this week and I’m running out of time. Yet, when I actually sit down and focus on it, it flows well.

Postage rates go up tomorrow. I have to remember that when I send out queries.

I think I’m fighting some sort of bug that wants to take me down for awhile. And I just don’t have time. I am trying to pace myself with it, and I suspect that much of it is triggered by the stress due to The Situation.

Hopefully, I’ll get in a good meditation session with my friends from 100 Days, and that will help.

Really, all I want to do right now is sleep.

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Sometimes sleep is the best cure there is. Hope your week will be a good one!


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