Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday, January 15, 2006
Last Day of Full Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Snowy, stormy and cold

The Cailleach was hard at work last night. The rage of the storm mirrors what I feel. Howling winds, rattling windows, screaming through the air, venting full fury -- and there’s certainly plenty about which to be furious.

The Situation ratcheted up even further yesterday. It’s getting truly ugly. At the end of this week, after a few more meetings, I will launch a blog specifically dedicated to this experience. People should know what it’s like from the inside, and how often the good of the citizen is tossed aside for the almighty dollar, regardless of the law.

I didn’t get much writing done, because I had to create documentation and file the appropriate paperwork.

But I did get some work done on the Fantasy Epic. And I typed the Chapter10 edits for Clear the Slot. However, as I’m going over the edits, I realize that I can consolidate some chapters and make for a tighter draft. I put part of Chapter 4 into Chapter 3 and part of it into Chapter 5. I combined Chapters 8 & 9. So now, in the tighter version (which I have yet to print because I want to go through the previously printed pages for typos before I print out five complete chapters), I have only eight chapters and have cut a total of 10 pages. 55 pages still to cut. It balances the chapters out better. I’m thinking of combining chapters 11 & 12, (which will then become Chapter 9), but that’s a big old chapter, and might be too much. And that chapter needs to end where it ends now. It’s the perfect button for the first half of the book. Perhaps I can make some more internal cuts.

Of course, now I have to make the appropriate adjustments in the synopsis. It never ends!

And reprint Chapters 3-8.

My arm’s hurting like crazy. It also limits the yoga poses I can do.

The Islanders are, unfortunately, back to their losing ways. The Vancouver Canucks mauled them with a score of 8-1 last night. It was truly embarrassing. The team fell apart, except for the same five guys that always give their all. Mike York got the sole Islander goal. DiPietro was pulled after four goals. He wasn’t “mentally fatigued” – the guy was trying to be the whole damn team all by himself back there with no help. Stirling was not the person who needed to be bounced to improve the team. The person who should be was still wafting around the ice last night, more concerned with looking pretty than playing good hockey, in my opinion.

The new blog will launch either Friday or Saturday, depending upon how things shake out this week. It will focus on The Situation, leaving this blog to be the one for my writing and that blog to delve into the emotions of the experience of the situation.

I have to get some paperwork done this morning, and then I’m going over to a friend’s to do laundry and write. I need a change of scenery.



At 1:10 PM, Blogger Eileen said...

Situational ethics seem to be the path most followed for many corporations, private businesses and government entities, as well as certain individuals.

The lack of personal responsibility, the lack of corporate and governmental responsibility and lack of responsiblity in the business arena affects us all.

One feature of this line of thinking that has always concerned me is the situational ethical belief that dictates: if that isn't happening to me, I don't have to worry about it. Not true.

At 5:38 PM, Blogger Lara said...

Hope your "change of scenery" helped, Devon! Sometimes it's nice to just "get away" from the Norm and shake things up a bit...



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