Saturday, February 18, 2006

Saturday, February 18, 2006
Waning Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and cold

I’m finally back. Sort of. I’ve been handling The Situation, two days on set, and the flu. I’m wiped out. And, just when it seemed things would get better . . .they’re not.

Out early Wednesday to the location. Busy day on set, fun, but busy, since I was doing a new position on the team. I was covering for someone who was ill, so I just sort of jumped in and learned on the fly, rather than being trained. It was fine. They let me go early (which was terribly generous of them and put them in a bad position), because I had to speak at the City Council meeting in regard to the Situation.

I made it to the Council Meeting on time. The room was packed (mostly, two or three people show up to the meetings). Several people spoke, and the Other Side was invited to speak numerous times. The Other Side declined. But took notes on those who did speak. The City Council made it very clear that it will uphold the rights of its constituents and not allow them to be bullied. The Other Side was given a deadline for response, and a new public hearing set in ten days. A sense of relief pervaded those of us involved, while the Other Side stomped out to get on their cell phones and make plans.

Several of us went out for a drink. It was fun – and a place I’d never visited, even though I’d grown up in the town. Nice, low key, friendly, ran into some other people we knew. A good night.

I came home and slept thoroughly for the first time in months.

Thursday, I woke up feeling awful, but got on the train and headed back to the studio. I was the additional, a position I actually know. I managed to get things done, and was even cheerful with people, although I felt awful and they sent me home as soon as the re-shoot unit wrapped because “no one should be that shade of green and you can barely stand up.”

Back out on the train and to bed.

I hadn’t realized until this morning how much both my mother’s accident and The Situation have eaten up my life. I began to think that, perhaps, I could start applying again for Artist-in –Residence positions; or investigate going back out on the road; or other possibilities and start making plans for my own future without worrying about my mother and hers, because it seems that she will be secure for the next few years.

Friday I woke up sick as could be. I stayed in bed nearly all day, drifting in and out of sleep. I simply could not function. The super was called because the sink and the toilet are dripping; after several reassurances that a plumber would be called and be there immediately . . .nothing.

And then, Friday night, the other shoe dropped. Several people in the building received a letter from The Other Side, singling them out for a meeting on Sunday. My mother had a living room full of teary people who didn’t know what to do, and we contacted the City Council to update them.

At least we all had gotten two nights of sleep. And so it starts again.

I HAVE to get some writing done, the plumber needs to show up and we can’t just sit around waiting for him – there has to be an APPOINTMENT, dammit! I have a meeting today and far too much to do tomorrow. I can barely sit up, much less think straight.

On a happy note, the bachelor party monologue was accepted and the guy paid me right away. He loves it (thanks, Colin, for your feedback). The party was supposed to be last night. I hope it was amazing.

I have an article up on the Olympics:

and a fellow writer put up an interesting piece on his blog about a screenwriting “agency”:

I have to try to pull myself together and be coherent at this meeting; maybe I can write either before or after, and write later tonight. Not writing always makes me feel frazzled. I’m making the time as best I can, but the stress of The Situation, which heightens on a daily basis, is, literally, killing me.



At 7:31 AM, Blogger Tenille said...

Glad to see you back, Devon, but so sorry that all of this is taking so much out of you.

Hang in there, you have so many on your side.

At 11:17 PM, Blogger Debra Young said...

Hey missed you! Glad you're back; looks like the Situation for your mother has improved somewhat. Hope all goes well. d:)


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