Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Wednesday, February 01, 2006
Waxing Moon
Saturn Retrograde
Venus Retrograde
Cloudy and cool

I am saddened by the death of playwright Wendy Wasserstein. She had an enormous influence on my life and work. The community, and the world at large, is poorer with her loss on many levels.

I also mourn Coretta Scott King.

It’s been a busy and odd few days, and, frankly, I’ve been too blue to blog. The Situation is simply going to continue to get uglier and uglier and uglier for the next few months, but each day it does so, it feels like a body blow. The most important thing I have to do is stand firm and keep a cool head.

Got a call Sunday night for a 6 AM Monday morning call. Went into the city to my friend’s sanctuary, and we had a good catch-up and play time with his cats. I was up at 4 AM and in the subway station at 5 AM on Monday. Too bad no damn trains came until 6:18. Now, the subways are supposed to run all night. I was furious. It didn’t help that a crazy man was wandering up and down the platform waving a box cutter and threatening to cut people. Not a cop or an MTA worker to be found. Typical. Peter Kalikow, et al keep giving themselves raises and closing booths, rather than keeping riders safe and actually keeping the subways running.

I was a half hour late for my call, but managed to get the extras dressed before they were needed for their first shot. I had actually unpacked my bag and put on my kit, et al in the train (which several people thought was odd) so all I had to do when I walked into the studio was drop the coat and the bag and walk into the room.

Two units shooting, so I bounced back and forth between them like a ping pong ball. One unit shot the episode currently scheduled; the other did a new scene for a previous episode. The people who’ve seen the pilot (which will air on March 3) say it looks good.

It was a busy, but good day, and I got home at a reasonable hour and fell into bed. Up early on Tuesday and into the city again to do day work at the show. They’re starting to prepare for the London production, so it was busy, busy, busy.

Got everything done, came home, and worked more on the revisions of Clear the Slot. The fixes are in the revised Chapter 11 of Draft 6, and I’ve started typing in the rewrites for the new Chapter 12. I’ve done some of the rewrites on the old Chapters 16-20 – I have a massive rewrite of one game to do. That particular plot point hasn’t worked in five damn drafts and it still doesn’t work, so I’m changing it to something which does. Why the hell it took me six drafts to admit it doesn’t work – it’s not as though it was something to which I was particularly attached – I don’t know.

Today’s SDR blog is up, about belief in your work, inspired by a debate I recently had with an aspiring writer. Circadian will go up soon. For some reason, I’m having big problems with that blog right now.

It’s the first day of February. Imbolc. Candlemass. Where one feels the stirrings underneath of the changes brought by spring. Maybe that’s why I’m so restless.

January’s GDR Wrap-up:

Primary Project: The Fix-It Girl
Goal: 88 pages.
Actual: Less than that, but I’m not sure by how much.

Secondary Project: Shallid.
Goal: 22 pages.
Actual: Much more than that. Finished the first draft.

Waiting in the Wings: Periwinkle.
It waited beautifully, and is now ready to rotate in as the Secondary Project.

Ancillary Project: Life With Aunt Dot.
Goal: whatever I could do on it.
Actual: Title changed to Hearth Phoenix. Two chapters done.

In Edit: Clear the Slot.
Draft 6 is more than half way done. Also working on the logline, one paragraph blurb and outline/synopsis. I anticipate I’ll need another month on it. But I’m very happy with the progress.

Resting: Tapestry
And it does it so well.

Begin adapting Glamorous Hearts into a novel.
Read the entire piece and realized how much I still like it. Figured out how it will need to be adapted – a very different process from my usual writing/revision/editing process, because it will have to be built chapter-by-chapter instead of doing a full draft, then going back and doing a full edit. I’ve adapted the first scene. I have several more scenes to adapt before I have an entire chapter, and I’m still trying to decide which scenes will constitute the first chapter. I also realized that I need to open it out more, since it’s no longer a radio play and I don’t have to limit myself to six performers.

Outline Inara project.
Not done, because I’m on the fence about it.

Serial Clean-up: Work on Angel Hunt.
Re-read some of it and feel I’ve lost the thread. I need to figure out how I want to finish it and do some notes before I can do so.

Stories: rewrite one for SDR and write the Fantasy Epic –as many drafts as possible.
Not happy with the rewrite of the first story. Work on the second is going more slowly than I would like, but I have a bit of extra time.

1 article
Was scheduled for this weekend, but couldn’t get it done. Is pushed to next month.

4 columns for SDR blog

Circadian Poems
Done, in spite of technical difficulties, which meant not everything published on the day originally scheduled.

9 columns for Kemmyrk
Got 8 done. Will do a double column this week to make up for it.

1 column for SDR mag
Done and sent as of the first week of January.

Continue query Dixie Dust Rumours
Did a bit, but not as many as I should have. I think I want to redo the synopsis. I’m not happy with it, although I was when I began the query process. While I wait for responses, I can hone the synopsis.

Work on The Situation
It’s a daily controversy which will only get uglier the next few months and is an enormous drain on me both physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, it’s affecting everything else.

As many pitches as possible. Goal is 3-5 a day.
Sometimes there weren’t 3-5 places to which to pitch each day. I ended up batching them more.

Thirteen Traveling Journals Project
It needs more attention than it got.

Devon’s Random Newsletter

13 Journals Newsletter

Quarterly Update Newsletter

Get up DE site
I wrote new text and even coded about 2/3 of it, then dumped it all and am starting fresh. So I’m behind.

Work on Fearless Ink and CC sites
Worked on text.

Write one chapter of the Tarot Book
I went over my material and am focusing my point of view a bit more. The tone’s a bit too floaty and frou-frou for my taste.

Go Through Submission Log and do necessary follow-ups

Try the 13-in-Play Theory
Eight pieces out right now. Will try to get more out in the next week or so.

Circadian Newsletter
Break-through on The Widow’s Chamber

To-Do List for February:
1. Primary Project: The Fix-It Girl with a goal of: 68 pages
2. Secondary Project: Periwinkle with a goal of: 20 pages
3. Waiting-in-the-Wings Project Ready to go into Rotation: Ransagh
4. Ancillary Project: Hearth Phoenix
5. In Edit: Clear the Slot
6. Resting: Tapestry
7. To Type: Shallid
8. 4 columns for SDR blog
9. 8 columns for Kemmryk
10. Write next column for SDR mag (May issue)
11. Finish rewrite on story
12. Complete and rewrite Fantasy Epic
13. Circadian Poems
14. Continue with queries for Dixie Dust Rumours; hone synopsis
15. Devon’s Random Newsletter
16. Complete DE site
17. Work on Fearless Ink and CC sites
18. One Chapter of Tarot Book
19. One draft of one chapter of Glamorous Hearts
20. 13-in-play
21. Work on Angel Hunt
22. Article pushed back from January and Olympic articles for FemmeFan
23. Outline Inara project (or decide to drop it).


At 11:26 AM, Blogger Costume Imp said...

Did you hear that Girls?! It's NOT a flop-house, it's a sanctuary.

That word made my day, as did seeing you on Sunday.

REST today D. Do some yoga and pet your girls.

After a Perfectly Delightful PD, complete with a walk in the rain like good ole James Dean, I am on my way back to the grindstone.

Thinking of you...
Love and Light, and G@..r than a Carousel Pony!!!

At 11:36 AM, Blogger Lara said...

Holy Cr*P!!! That's quite a list!!

But if anyone can do it... ;-)

Hang in there, sweetie. I'm thinking about you! (and yes, as soon as this flu is over I'm making some cookies!)

At 3:05 PM, Blogger Debra Young said...

Great going, Devon! Here's to a productive February (coffee cup in air). D:))

At 3:52 PM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

You've been there for me so I hope you know I'm here for you. {{HUGS}}

And what a list! I know you can do it, though. You're such a HUGE inspiration. :)

At 7:05 PM, Blogger Tenille said...

Many positive thoughts to you as you continue to deal with The Situation. I'm glad that you at least have an escape from it all now and then. Sometimes we just need an out.

Now I need to pop on over to the SDR blog. It sounds like I could really use a look at today's entry.

At 12:06 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Wishing you the best with the situation and thinking of you.
That list of yours is unreal. It's unbelievable how much you accomplish


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