Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
New Moon
Total Eclipse
Saturn Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and warm

Work was fine yesterday, and then I met my friend at a Mexican restaurant in the neighborhood. He’s a horse racing buddy, plus he’s a town councilor in London, so it was interesting to talk to him about everything going on. He’s also brilliantly clever, and it was good to get a different perspective. We had a good time – it’s always good to see him – and we discussed Derby possibilities, too.

Came home and put together the first of the big bookcases. The directions were non-existent, and they didn’t tell you want to do with all the bits. I have a good deal of hardware left over, yet the bookcase is together and sturdy. I was also a bit ticked because the panel to cover the back is . ..cardboard. You had me pay X dollars for cardboard?

At any rate, it’s up, I’m rearranging all the books, and it looks damn good. The other one, that matches it, was supposed to go in the bedroom, but now I think I’ll put it on the other side of my desk.

And yes, get still another bookcase for the bedroom. One can never have too many bookcases.

I also started pulling stuff away from the South Wall. I want to finish doing that this morning. It’s a completely blank wall, so all I have to do is tape, prime, and put on the two coats of color, and do the baseboard trim. I hope I can get it all done today. Then, if I’m around tomorrow during the day, maybe I can start rearranging all the books that go up on that wall and finish this wall with the other bookcase.

I bought a couple of books on my way home (shouldn’t have, but did), and started The Lighthouse Stevensons, which is a wonderful book.

Edited some newsletter articles; tried to get over the obsession with The Situation so that I can do some “mental writing” in preparation for the physical writing.

It’s difficult to see people you care about suffer and live with the fact that the people who are supposed to be handling the situation aren’t doing it. Hopefully, that will change.

My apology to my colleague was accepted, so all is good again. Just because I’m under a lot of stress doesn’t give me the right to take it out on the people who are trying to ease it, rather than cause it.

It’s complicated being a human on this planet, isn’t it?



At 10:10 AM, Blogger Colin said...

Glad yer enjoying the book. :-)

At 4:25 PM, Blogger Lori said...

I'm amazed you find time to read! :))

At 6:09 PM, Blogger Anita said...

You are right. You can never have too many bookcases. I personally plan to build an extra room onto my next house just for my books.


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