Saturday, April 29, 2006

Saturday, April 29, 2006
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cool

19 pages on Real. The story’s still flowing well, but the body’s a bit tired, which slows things down. I’m 74 pages into it, and the characters are still in Ayrshire. I have a feeling the structure of the book will be in thirds – the first third in Ayrshire, the second third at all the locations around the world, the third third where the characters try to integrate what’s happened and build on it. It’s fun to write about life behind-the-scenes – rehearsal process, creative process, etc., in a realistic way. In books, it’s always jokey or melodramatic or fake soap opera because, most of the time, the author only reads People and watches Entertainment Tonight, or maybe, maybe took a walk around a set one day, but hasn’t actually worked on one.

The truth is, if the product is going to be any good, people are working their butts off, and, for the most part, making the effort to get along. There’s just as much drama and conflict in struggling to remain professional and cordial with people getting on your last nerve during a 20-hour workday in snow and sleet and rain with studio morons who lack creative talent but hold the purse strings demanding changes that don’t make sense.

And sometimes, the people working on a production pour in heart, soul, and good intentions, and it still goes off the rails somewhere and doesn’t work.

Did some work on the apartment.

Another development – and not a good one – in The Situation. The Evil One times it carefully, so it happens after business hours on a Friday, when the agencies who make the rules are off for the weekend, and everyone’s weekend is ruined.

Breakfast is ready (bacon and eggs), and then my friend and I are going to the rare book sale down at the library. After that, it’s off to acupuncture. I hope I get back in time to catch a few races and/or the end of the Rangers/Devils game. The Rangers may well be eliminated today. I hope Jagr doesn’t get hurt again, if he insists on playing injured (which I’m sure he will).

Ah, the rare books are calling . . .

And then, it’s more pages on Real. I want to hit page 100 by Sunday night, type (and, well, revise, because it’s me) those pages and get them off by mid-day Monday. I’d rather do several revisions, but if I want to grab this opportunity, I need to step up and cough up good work fast.



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