Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sunday, April 30, 2006
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Sunny and cool

Only 9 pages on Real yesterday, which means I need to write, I think, 16 today to hit 100.

The Evil One’s latest antics caused an upsetting distraction, making it hard to pull my focus back and write.

I can’t lose a contract because of this evil son-of-a-bitch.

Yes, I’m swearing on a Sunday, but if any of you had to cope with this, you would, too.

The rare book sale was interesting – especially since I already own at least 30% of the books on offer! It’s the sale of someone’s private collection – guess we have similar tastes. I bought In Quest of Clocks (because I love clocks) by Kenneth Ullyett, and The Fiction Factory, about 100 years of Street & Smith, who turned out story papers, penny dreadfuls, dime novels, and some pretty darned good books over the years. The book is exactly what I need for The Fun Project.

Wrote for a few hours, struggling, but have started the second section of the book (on page 79, thank goodness, not page 100 as I feared). They’re still in Ayr, but by today, I should have them as far as Glencoe.

I had to figure out the details of the film shot within the story, then break that down as any production manager/line producer would to know when and where I had to move everything (since films are shot out of sequence) in order to write chronologically. So, basically, I had to figure out a full screenplay and break it down yesterday into a production schedule in order to write the nine pages of the novel that I managed to write.

Acupuncture was great, although getting there was difficult, due to traffic and badly driven SUVs – I nearly got into an accident when two of them tried to squish me, one on each side, because they were far too busy illegally talking on their cell phones to pay attention to the fact that they couldn’t change lanes right at that moment.

My acupuncturist did a lot of work on the feet. Although they’re healing fairly well, there’s still discomfort and swelling.

Came home and needed to let the treatment settle.

Watched Finding Neverland – again. It’s one of my favorite movies. And I’m always a weepy mess by the end of it. But it’s beautifully done and delicately acted. Put together a good script with a cast more interested in good work than fame or marketing, and you get an excellent product.

I have to write a piece for FemmeFan today about next weekend’s Kentucky Derby (it’s Derby week again already? It seems like just a month or two ago that my friend won the Derby, and it was already a year). And I want to do this week’s writing exercise in preparation for Wednesday’s SDR blog entry (the column is written; the exercise I’m doing along with the columns is not).

So, I better buckle down and get to work. Went to the market this morning to get in some fresh vegetables, so I can cook tonight.

Driving Lessons, with Julie Walters, Laura Linney and Rupert Grint, debuts tonight at the Tribeca Film Festival. I wanted to go, but I have a meeting regarding The Situation.

On this week’s NYT Best Seller list there is nothing on the hard cover list, either fiction or non-fiction that I’m interested in reading, and only one book on the paperback list, The Mermaid Chair.

Guess my tastes are different than the mainstream. Like that’s a surprise. But how does that bode for my own work?



At 9:10 AM, Blogger Lara said...

I BAWLED at the end of Finding Neverland.

Hope your feet feel better soon!


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