Friday, May 05, 2006

Friday, May 5, 2006
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Cloudy and warm

At 3 a.m. this morning, when they finished yesterday’s shoot, they called me to give me my in-time for this morning. I had trouble going back to sleep, and, when I did, I had nightmares. When I woke up, I thought I should write them down, because they seemed relevant, but they fled before I could.

Yesterday was nowhere near the productive day I needed, due to The Situation. I had to do paperwork, and help some of the other tenants with their paperwork.

I wish the Karma Dogs would hurry up and bring things back in balance. I’m getting tired of living like this, and my mother’s ready for a nervous breakdown.

I managed to type two more chapters of Real, and sent the hard copies of the first five chapters to the editor (I’m not calling her “my editor” until there’s a signed contract). It’s not quite 100 pages, but if, five chapters in, the reader’s not hooked, a) I haven’t done by job and b) it’s not going to happen. Especially not with a book like this.

I haven’t decided which name to use with this one, because the tone is different from the established names, so I have the title and the byline reads, “(Pseudonym Undecided) and then my legal name.

Book first, name later.

Didn’t manage to do any new pages, so I’m way behind on the page count I wished for this week. I won’t be writing much today, since I’m on set – just whatever I can manage on the train or on my lunch break – and chances are, I’ll be so exhausted by then, I’ll simply sit and eat. Derby’s tomorrow. FemmeFan still hasn’t published this week’s edition, which means my Derby article isn’t up yet.

And I haven’t had time this week to do Racing Ink.

Racing Ink (abridged version):

Derby: My two favorite horses are Jazil and Point Determined (son of one of my favorites, Point Given). I believe Point Determined will be at his best in the Belmont, but I’d like to see him do well here, too. Barbaro is my third choice, because I love the horse’s personality. All three across the board, plus mix-and-match exactas and trifectas.

Bob and John’s up there for fourth, but might throw some show money at him. Especially if it’s raining.

I’m skipping the favorites, Brother Derek and Lawyer Ron.

I think the possible upset horses are Sweetnorthernsaint and Steppenwolfer, so I’ll throw some money their way.

I’m going to throw a few bucks at Flashy Bull, who made it in after all, both because he’s a long shot, and because he’s ridden by Mike Smith.

Haven’t handicapped today’s card, because I’ll be on set and can’t watch anyway. A quick scan of today and I’ll go for:

Venetian Sunset in the 4th.
Performing Diva in the 5th.
Andromeda’s Hero to place in the 6th.
Sweet Symphony in the 8th.
Sacred Light in the 9th.
Bushfire and Itty Bitty Pretty in the 10th (the Oaks).
Arradoul, Celestial Princess and High Priestess in that order in the 11th.

Off to set.



At 9:27 AM, Blogger Lara said...

You need to get some SLEEP this weekend!

Karma should be working in your favor, soon. Hang in there.


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