Saturday, May 13, 2006

Saturday, May 13, 2006
Full Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Rainy and warm

Hard to see the full moon through full cloudbanks.

The realization of my lack of mathematical dexterity turned me into Madame Crankypants yesterday afternoon. I left my characters in Marseilles eating bouillabaisse in a tiny restaurant off the beaten path (well, Sam couldn’t each much as he’s still recovering from having his stomach pumped), while I sulked.

I’m also in Queryland Kerflamma. I have a couple of projects I should be querying, but I haven’t done the proper research. The letters are fine, but I need to sit down and figure the best matches (my A list, B list, C list) and get going.

I always start with my A list – which consists of the recipients I both think are the best suited and with whom I want to work. B list consists of places/people I think would be good, but I’m not 100% sure about. C list are the stretches – not because I think they’re too important a house for my work (those guys get on the A list), but because my piece is a bit out of what they usually do and the slant has to be unique enough to interest them.

I like to send queries out in batches of ten. I’ve also started coding the return envelopes, so I can look at it and know for which project I’m getting a reply. Unfortunately, the majority of form responses can’t be bothered with the courtesy of including the title name. Now, the little unpaid intern who’s stuffing the envelopes can take the extra 30 seconds to scrawl the name of the title on the rejection. But they don’t. And I often query more than one project at a time.

I need to sit down and make a spreadsheet of full-length projects, similar to my submission log, so I can see what is at what stage. What needs another glance? What’s waiting for edit? (I have to say, those are starting to stack up and they make me nervous). What’s unfinished? (too many of those, and they need to be dealt with; they drain too much energy). And what needs to be queried? It’s not going to telepathically sell itself. The queries need to go out. These pages need to earn their keep!

I sulked in England with Ethel for awhile, then rejoined my Real ensemble in Marseilles. They hadn’t missed me at all. Did several more pages. They’re in the countryside now, and will shortly embark on a private train to Monaco.

Watched the TV show on which I worked last night. It was the episode we kept reshooting, as late as last week. Next week, is the two hour season finale. Depending upon what the network unveils at their Monday presentation at Radio City Music Hall, it could also be the series finale. Also, since part of this episode was shot several months ago, before several actors received hair style changes, the hair continuity was off within the overall arc of the season, and it drove me nuts. It shouldn’t, because it’s not my department, but it did.

The Evil One again took action to disrupt everyone’s peace and, most especially, the weekend. Why the law waits to stop him is beyond me. It will probably end up the way it always does – he will have to cause someone’s actual death before the lawmakers pay any attention. And it shouldn’t have to go that far.

Oh, and UPS screwed up again. I’d ordered a gift for Mother’s Day. Yesterday, I received a note that delivery was attempted (obviously not very hard, since I worked from home), and that they would try again between 2-5 PM on Friday. I was working, again, all afternoon. No doorbell, no buzzer, no nothing.

At 11 PM, the cats start pawing at the front door. I open the door, and there’s the box. Only it’s damaged and been retaped. I open the box and find items missing. I called Harry & David, from whom I ordered. They’re replacing it immediately (won’t be here in time for tomorrow, but they’re replacing it with no problem). They also suggested something I hadn’t even thought of -- that I dispose of the fruit, in case it’s been tampered with. Great.

In any case, I photographed the box and its damage this morning, and will forward the photos to H&D, so they can use them when they deal with UPS. I didn’t even bother to contact UPS. The last time they messed up, their response was, “You’re not a business. What do you expect?”

Which is why, when it’s up to me, I do not use UPS.

Today will be a fractured day, but I’m going to do as much work as I can. At least I’ve gotten the Mother’s Day gifts wrapped.

On this sticky, rainy, dark day, it will be a pleasure to escape to Provence with my characters. And yes, for the purposes of the piece, it is currently sunny there. It rained during the Giverny section (nothing like seeing Monet’s inspiration glistening with silvery raindrops), but now, the sun is out.

Don’t worry. It’ll rain for at least part of the time in Prague.



At 8:38 AM, Blogger Sandy J said...

Sounds like an exciting job, though! I am always amazed at how much you get done in your life, Devon.

Gosh, need to do my mother's day thing. Thanks for reminding me this morning. Hope you have a good weekend.

At 10:04 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Private train to Monaco, huh? Wow, Real sounds so exciting!


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