Sunday, May 14, 2006

Sunday, May 14, 2006
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Cloudy and mild

Happy Mother’s Day!

And thanks to mothers all over the world, for all their contributions on every level.

Last Mother’s Day, on one of the forums I frequent, one of the members posted an angry rant against mother’s day, because this person had a bad relationship with the mother. The poster berated everyone else for celebrating the holiday. It really pissed me off. Hey, I’m sorry your life didn’t turn out the way you wanted to. But that does NOT mean you have the right to ruin the celebrations of those who were blessed with great moms, those who are great moms, or anyone else. Get a new therapist, baby, because obviously the one you’re with is taking your money and not doing you any good!

Speaking of forums, on another forum, there’s a poster who drops in once every few weeks. This poster’s job is to write a newsletter. A paid job. Yet this poster “can’t” figure out what to do every issue. The poster asks for “help”, but what the poster really asks for is that we do the work this person is paid to do and then she passes it off as her own.

Uh, no. I get paid to write newsletters, and I’m not going to write your newsletter so you can get paid. Everyone gets stuck once in awhile, and then you brainstorm. But to just ask people to provide the material is plain wrong.

Mid-day meeting for the ongoing pro bono project was fun, and I only have to do one article for this issue. Of course, the challenge is that I have to stuff about five pages’ worth of material in 250 words! Guess I’ll just have to be succinct!

Have to finish the pre-Preakness article and get that out. And work on the exercise for Wednesday.

I started a new blog yesterday, called A Biblio Paradise. I want a repository for my essays on books, book buying, and bookstores, and will do a Reader’s Journal entry occasionally when I want to discuss a book in depth. There just isn’t room to stuff everything into this blog.

I wrote an essay on “Bookbuying Ramblings” to which I hope other booklovers will relate!

I imagine the setting as the library in Felbrigg Hall in Norfolk (which I actually recreated in Real, only I stuffed the Felbrigg library into Culzean castle, which is the inspiration for the castle in the first section of Real. Of course, I don’t call it Culzean, because I wanted to rearrange the rooms and the grounds a bit, so I kind of stretched the Ayrshire coast and stuffed another castle with expansive grounds in it).

Worked on Real yesterday. Did the Monaco sequence, which needs a lot of work. I didn’t want to get bogged down in too many backstage technical details; unfortunately, I didn’t put in enough and now it doesn’t make sense. They’re in Florence now. That sequence will be quick, and it’s on to Venice for a longer stint, and a quick two day shoot in Rome, where Callie comes down with the flu.

I realized I have to go back and deal with the fact that, when a major (or even not-so-major) film company turns up in any of these places to shoot, there are always receptions, etc. so the town officials can meet and mingle with the creative team and the crew. Especially when special concessions have been made for the shoot. I don’t want the receptions to get repetitive, but I have to deal with it. Also, during the company moves from place to place, I drop in dialogue scenes to move character arcs forward – this way, we see them physically moving from point to point, and get a sense of the growing relationships amongst the company. Cordelia’s fallen for Gavin (which surprised me – she is, after all, supposed to take a trip around the world as soon as the shoot is done). Cordelia keeps surprising me, and, if I’m not careful, will hijack the book. She may have to get her own further down the line.

I can hear Charlie Zablowski from Periwinkle say, “You promised me that, too, and you haven’t even finished Periwinkle yet.”


So JK Rowling’s put a moratorium on people sending her paper. She mentioned, in an interview, that she ran out of paper while she was writing (she still does early drafts in longhand) and had trouble running from store to store to buy paper. Well, honey, how about just saying “thank you”? And how about donating whatever you don’t need to a school that really needs it? I admire Rowling enormously, but, in this situation, I think she should and could have been more gracious. Part of the reason her writing works is that each individual feels personally invested while reading her books. Therefore, if she voices a frustration or a problem, many individuals are going to feel personally invested in helping her find a solution. I understand, when you’re in the throes of writing, it’s annoying and you have to set boundaries. Especially at the size of the response. But it comes with the territory. She is now an internationally best selling author with an almost cult-like following. It’s part of the gig.

Off to create a celebratory day for my mother, with presents, an elaborately cooked meal, and, of course, books.



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