Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tuesday, May 23, 2006
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Sunny and cool

I ended up having to write a five page report with back-up materials yesterday, which kind of shot my entire day. I had no get up and go anyway, so it was something to concentrate on, and at least it wasn’t an entirely lost day.

I also got my Preakness wrap-up article done, which should be published today or tomorrow.

I got my payment from Espresso Fiction, along with some really great feedback. From people who’ve never read my work, no less! I had a terrific experience with them. I shot a note off to the editor, thanking her, telling her it was a great experience, and promising to submit more work in the future. I didn’t realize they are based in Australia – nice to be part of an international publication!

Some of the stories that I’m doing for the SDR writing exercises may well fit the bill.

Barbaro update: He made it through the night. He’s flirting with mares. He’s acting like a typical colt. As long as they can keep him free from infection and laminitis, he has a decent shot at survival. The hospital has a site that posts daily updates, which is great.

I got some correspondence done, but not enough. I’m so behind on everything. I just have to attack it piece by piece.

The loss of six writing days on Real is a blow. I was in a good position to finish the first draft by the weekend. Now, it’s doubtful. However, if I sit around and dither, nothing will get done and I’ll be in even worse shape. Part of me wants to forge forward. However, with this piece, I believe that unless I rip apart the Monaco and Florence sections and fix them, I’m screwed. There’s too much interpersonal development that has to happen in each section in order to build the next section properly. There will be plenty to revise, but so much has to be done right in the first draft that I can’t just skip over it and come back later.

So, I have to re-tackle Monaco and Florence before I can deal with Venice, Rome, and get them to Prague.

And, I have SDR submissions to read and comment on tonight. I want to get them done, so I’m not holding anything back. My next column’s coming along pretty well.

Off to the theatre today. I was so hopeful last Tuesday at this time. Real was chugging along. I was re-reading Terry Brooks’s book on writing, Sometimes the Magic Works, which I think is a brilliant book, and I thought maybe everything would be okay.

Let’s hope I don’t return tonight to find yet another crisis.



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