Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday, June 2, 2006
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Not only was New York City’s funding cut by 40%, but so was Washington, DC’s, by the same amount. Now, that’s even more insane. There are icons and targets all over DC. Hello? Nation’s Capitol, remember? Or didn’t you pass geography in the sixth grade, you stupid Homeland Un-Security twit? And, again, it was one of the cities previously attacked, which is likely to be attacked again.

And the person who made the decision? A twinkie working for Chertoff who hails from a small town in a RED state. There you have it, folks. The money’s not being doled out on actual threat. It’s being given out to Bush’s buddies. Again.

Some of the cities who got increased funding do have targets. St. Louis’s arch is a target, in my opinion. So is Churchill Downs during racing season. But you don’t cut the funding to the two cities who’ve already been attacked (and remember, that was the SECOND attack on the World Trade Center) because some red stater in a small town wants to punish a big blue city. Just because Twinkie never visited the Statue of Liberty doesn’t mean it’s not an icon.

Get rid of Chertoff. Get rid of Twinkie Girl. As in fire them, in case anyone's worried. Put some people in these positions of authority who actually have common sense, experience, and, most importantly, intelligence.

Oh, yeah, I forgot which administration we're talking about.

Because guess what? In the next attacks – which WILL happen – the blood of the dead is on their hands. Their souls. They obviously don’t have brains or hearts. But they will PERSONALLY have to answer for each and every dead body. And I’m talking beyond anything a mere mortal court could dish out. They’re messing with some dark karma.

Another example of this administration’s total disconnect with reality.

Yesterday was a mediocre writing day. That usually happens after a good writing day. I was on edge about the Situation, but things are still in limbo. I’ll take as many days in a holding pattern as possible.

I didn’t get as many job pitches done as I wanted, so I’ll have to make that up today. I did get 11 pages done on Real – they’re doing well in Prague. I worked on the ghost story, but the characters are being difficult, and I’m exasperated. We’ll try again today.

Callings is so interesting, because whenever I pick it up to read another little bit (there’s too much information to read it straight through), whatever I read is relevant to whatever was just on my mind. Right book at the right time, I guess.

Yesterday was more about percolation than productivity, so hopefully, the pendulum will swing back to productivity today. I want a very productive weekend. And, I need to put into action some of the decisions I’ve made in the past week.



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