Thursday, June 01, 2006

June 1 Part II

I had to scrub the cat.

And not Elsa, who usually gets into trouble, but Iris, AKA Princess Hellion.

I was writing in longhand at the kitchen table this morning. At one point, all three cats were sprawled across the work. Now, NONE of them are EVER supposed to reside on the kitchen table. But, for some reason, they’re in a clingy, whiny mood today, so all three were there.

I deposited two of them on the floor, shoved Iris out of the way, and started writing again.

What does Princess Hellion do? Rolls over the wet, inky page, smearing the whole darned thing and getting black ink all over her gray back.

I didn’t want her licking it off, so I grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and scrubbed her clean.

She wasn’t too happy about it, but tough.

And I dried her off with a towel. Even though it’s warm, I don’t want to risk her catching a cold.

What’s she doing now?

Chasing her tail.

On the kitchen table.


So Michael Chertoff, Mr. Homeland Security, has cut NY’s funding to fight terrorism by 40% because there aren’t any icons or national landmarks in New York? What drugs is he on? Because whatever bad batch of whatever he’s been smoking needs to be confiscated and destroyed.

He is out of his mind. And needs to be fired.

He wouldn’t be in the job he is now if a group of terrorists hadn’t seen The World Trade Center as an icon five years ago. And over 2000 people were murdered, here and in Washington. They didn’t all just spontaneously expire. They were murdered.

Hate to break it to you, boys, but nobody’s going to attack Omaha (whose funding was increased). Except someone who’s mad at the beef lobbyists.

The increasing rate of this administration’s stupidity continues to confound me. Hopefully, sane, rational people will win this year’s mid-term elections, and in 2008, we can take back the country from these rich, spoiled, disconnected lunatics.


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