Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday, June 19, 2006
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Hot and sticky

Worked almost all day on revisions of “Knowing”, which is what I finally decided to title the ghost story. I’d tried and tried and tried to hook a title into a theme of the piece, which has a lot to do with intuition and sense of place. Once I hit on the title, it helped me set up certain events and fix it.

I needed a ghost town, and did some research on, which is a fascinating site. Hop over and visit, if you get a chance. The player piano music will haunt you. For hours. Until you have to play something else at full blast just to drive it out of your head.

Anyway, there wasn’t a legit ghost town where I needed one, so I made one up based on the research and stuffed it in where I needed it, and made up its story for “Knowing” and now I may need to revisit it in its heyday for other stories because I’ve completely fallen in love with it.

It’s a minor point in the overall ghost story, which is a bit heavier on the action/adventure bit than the ghost bit sometimes, but it’s taking on a life of its own.

I sent a draft with far too many typos to Chaz (sorry, darling) for his opinion because I couldn’t look at it anymore. And Chaz sent me his draft of his ghost story, which he’s reading on Midsummer Night in Newcastle.

It’s fucking brilliant.

In addition to strong story and characters, he’s used subtlety in a way we’re no longer used to in ghost stories. I sat there at the end thinking, “Wow!”

I had one minor suggestion in case it’s useful, but boy, oh boy, do I envy those within striking distance of Newcastle on Wednesday night!

Hot damn!

As a reader, I love reading something that good, because it’s that good. As a writer, I love reading something that good because that sort of storytelling is one of the reasons I write, and it makes me work harder.

Worked on the rewrite of “Suppositions” which is now re-titled “Apriorism”. Yeah, I had to look it up, too, but it’s closer to my intended meaning. However, I think I’m still in search of the right title. Also did some work on the as-yet-and-in-revisions-untitled story from Alexandra’s point of view – she appears as a character in “Apriorism”, in conflict with Mitch Keegan, the politician from “Not My Vote”. Alexandra’s off on another jaunt in the untitled story, and it’s told in the first person through her eyes. India Burke, Alexandra’s friend, who also had a few words in “Apriorism”, is the central character in the other untitled story, the longer one combining the return of a Roman statue’s head, a 40-year-old fruitcake, and a runaway police horse.

I have to say, this set of exercises has me thinking in ways I never thought I’d have to!

First thing I need to do is another revision of “Knowing” – especially fixing all the typos. I’m going to send that out around noon.

I’ve got some correspondence to catch up on, and a cover letter to draft – I’ve got some resumes to send out this week. I’ve watched the job boards, but haven’t seen too many enticing offers – they seem to be mostly along the lines of “ghostwrite my novel and I’ll pay you $50” and “write 200 keyword articles at $1 each and you’ll jumpstart your career!” Uh, I don’t think so. But I have found a few interesting companies and I’m drafting a letter basically creating a telecommuting position for myself.

I think I’ll work on my stories, spend some time with the Real characters in Tahiti, and maybe I can carve out a chunk of time this week to finish up the new web copy and get the Devon Ellington site back up. I’ve got a bunch of it done, but need to finish and add a few different coding bits to it. There are a couple of pages where I think I packed too much unconnected information, and I’m going to break them down into separate pages. And then switch my focus to getting the Fearless Ink site up. I think the web host has fixed the problem so I can get into the 13 Journals box and actually contact my people and give them the next stop on their journals’ journeys this week.

Lots to do and limited time, so I better get moving.

Let’s hope the Situation doesn’t rear its ugly head and derail me yet again.



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