Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Waning Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Partly sunny and muggy

Yesterday, I hit 1000 posts here on Ink in My Coffee. Who knew I had so much to say?

Here’s my article wrapping up the Belmont:

And check out Week 8 of the Exercises at The Scruffy Dog Review Blog.

I have to say, I’m delighted by the results of the exercises. I’ve got some good stuff. I think “Not My Vote” is one of the best things I’ve ever written.

I have a horrible migraine today, and I have to work through it. Yesterday, there were more twists and turns in The Situation, and tonight I have to speak at the City Council meeting, while other members of the organization have to speak at another public meeting in White Plains. Plus, I gave a twenty minute interview to a local newspaper regarding the Situation, which will appear on Friday. Yes, I took off the gloves. I’m tired of tip-toeing around. They’re not going to go away easily, and we’ve got to stand our ground.

I agreed to work five performances on my least favorite track in the show in July. My supervisor’s cut me a lot of slack over the last few months, and I feel that I owe it to her, since she asked me a month in advance and needs my help. So, I’m going to grit my teeth and bring, at least on the outside, a positive attitude.

Hopefully, we get some good news today. I have to run around doing errands mid-day, and then have a lunch meeting, and then, in and around all this, have to finish up my remarks for the Council, organize the back-up (I have to be able to hold up proof of everything I say) and work on the ghost story. My lovely characters in Real are being quite patient – I’ve left them in Tahiti, and I don’t think they mind one bit!



At 12:10 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Good luck with your speech! I hope your Situation is resolved soon, so you can get out from under this major stressor.

At 3:29 PM, Blogger Debra Young said...

1000 posts--wow! d:)


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