Saturday, July 01, 2006

Saturday, July 1, 2006
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Sunny and cool

I’m tired, ergo, I am cranky.

Still having bad dreams about The Situation, which means I wake up feeling as though I haven’t slept.

I’m not enjoying The Dante Club. You’ve got Oliver Wendell Holmes, Longfellow, Lowell, JT Fields as main characters – sounds pretty wonderful, right? So how come all these very distinct men have exactly the same speaking cadence? I can’t tell who’s speaking. No individuality. Very frustrating.

Ann Cleeves, a wonderful writer, just won the Duncan Lawrie Dagger award for her book, Raven Black. Visit her website here. Yeah, Ann! I met her years ago, at the Nottingham conference – where I met Chaz Brenchley, Ian Rankin, Val McDermid, John Harvey, Sarah Caudwell, Peter Robinson, and many other writers whose company, personally and on the page, have given me enormous pleasure over the years.

Wrote a newsletter article for a client yesterday morning. Caught up on some correspondence, worked on research for an article, played with some ideas.

For several years, I’ve had an idea for an historical fiction piece. I’ve read nearly twenty books about the time, both fiction and non-fiction, but also found the task too daunting. At the same time, I also had an idea for an epic fantasy, but couldn’t quite get it to jell. And an idea about turning an Arthurian-type myth inside out. Well, yesterday, I toyed with the idea of combining them. Because of the intricacies of the intrigue, the notes would have to be quite extensive. But merging those three ideas into a single book intrigues me. I could take the best of each idea and highlight it. Also, the way the concepts compliment and irritate each other is interesting to explore.

Found a big hole in Shallid that I have to plug in the revision.

Started Sir Walter Scott’s Journal. It took three days to read the introduction!

Show was fine. Can’t wait to be done. It sounds horribly ungrateful to say that when I’m working on Broadway, but it’s time for me to move out of this career and into the next phase of my life. I enjoy the people, I’m so lucky to be on a hit show, and it’s time to go.

I got the notes for the track I follow tomorrow and do Monday. It’s my least favorite track in the show, because there’s unnecessary busy-work and fussing and a lack of logic. One would think, that, after nearly three years, it would streamline. I read the new set of notes and it’s worse. Urgh. I dread Monday.

There’s a chance I’ll be on the show through next week, which means writing in the city quite a bit – I have a friend coming in to town on Thursday from PA, and I want to meet her, and on Friday, I have to go in early enough to cash my check. Maybe I’ll go to the Whitney to see the Hopper exhibit. Or maybe I can just find a quiet place to write for a few hours. We’ll see. It’s only Saturday. There’s still a lot of week to happen.

Off to the theatre for a double, back home to try and sleep, and then back in early tomorrow morning.


Oh yes, almost forgot, these are my GDRs for July:

Primary Project: Real – finish first draft
Secondary Project: The Fix-It Girl – 20 pages
Waiting in the Wings: Periwinkle
In edit: Clear the Slot – finish 7th draft
Resting: Tapestry
Type: Shallid
Articles: 2 contracted articles due by Aug. 1
Short stories: Finish the KM Farnesworth story for AHMM.
Queries: 12
Get DE site up and running

I’m trying to ease back in to the GDRs.


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