Saturday, July 15, 2006

Saturday, July 15, 2006
Waning Moon
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Hazy and hot

Home Om – Day 6 on Kemmyrk.

I managed to catch my early train yesterday morning. Of course I did – missing it would mean the train was on time, and that won’t happen at Metro North as long as Peter Kalikow is the head of the MTA. If Eliot Spitzer wins as Governor in November’s election, I hope he makes good to remove this posturing moron from his position.

Ran my errands, which took less time than expected, so I had the chance to swing around and stop by Coliseum Books to buy two books I saw last week and which have haunted me ever since: Mapping the World of Harry Potter, edited by Mercedes Lackey, and February House by Sherrill Tippins. The latter details the time that WH Auden, Carson McCullers, Jane and Paul Bowles, Benjamin Britten, and Gypsy Rose Lee shared a place in Brooklyn. Now that sounds like good reading!

As I walked around Manhattan, I had an idea for a story – something Daisy Hill Farm – so I stopped at Duane Reade to grab a notebook and make some notes. I want it to be set in Massachusetts, but it keeps re-setting itself in Vermont. I have to trust the story and take it to Vermont.

Drove out to Long Island for acupuncture. There was lots of traffic (it being a Friday and all), but I needed it badly. My acupuncturist only works on horses, not people, for the month of August, so it’ll be two months until I see her again. I’m going to whimper a lot. But she needs the break, and horses are much more sensible and responsive when it comes to acupuncture than humans are.

Came back, picked up Chinese food (to eat on Bastille Day), and visited a friend’s house a couple of towns over. The heat receded a bit, as did the humidity, so we spent a few hours just before twilight reading on the patio.

Finished the Beatrix Potter biography – beautifully written, and I’m so glad she found happiness! Also, I hadn’t realized how important she was to the National Trust. I’m a big supporter/fan of the Trust in the UK – whenever I travel over there, I rent from them, rather than stay at a hotel, and roam around all of their sites.

Came back in the evening too tired to do much. This morning is all about errands, and this afternoon, I’m trotting over to the Bush-Holley house in Cos Cob. Since it was a major artists’ colony and it’s so close by, it’s about darn time I visit!

Hopefully, between the errands and the house, I’ll get in some writing. I also have even more correspondence to deal with.

I have to find out when the Mogollon Rim anthology releases, so I can do some PR for that.

Busy day ahead.



At 7:26 PM, Blogger Costume Imp said...

Chinese food (to eat on Bastille Day)

This is just one of the many reasons I love you!!!


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