Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sunday, July 2, 2006
Waxing Moon
Jupiter Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Partly sunny and humid

The new issue of The Scruffy Dog Review is out!

And that means my column, “The Literary Athlete” is up, too. This month’s topic is “The First Third”, meaning the first third of a novel:

I’m already working on September’s column, which deals with what I call “middle sag.” There are a couple of authors I want to get quotes from for that one, so I thought I’d better get moving!

Chaz lit a fire under my butt yesterday, with his musings on the amount of writing he got done in June.

So I sat myself down in the chair and wrote six pages on Real before heading to the theatre. Sam was faced with an enormous decision, and I wasn’t sure if he’d do the right thing. I knew what I wanted him to do – but I wasn’t sure whether or not he’d do it. Would he break the trust of the woman he loved because there was a good chance she’d never find out? I’m not going to tell you what he did – you’ll have to read the book to find out!

JA Konrath starts his 500 Bookstore tour today, all over the country. For more information on it, visit his website. He’ll be in my neck of the woods in mid-July, and I hope we can get together.

I pulled a muscle in my back moving the racks, and my feet are killing me from standing on concrete and/or a raked state for hours. So much for the glamour of show business!

The shows were fine. People are tired, but they’re dealing. Monday will be tough – bringing them in on their day off. It doesn’t help that Tuesday is off – adding an extra show before the day off is still a lot. I’m sure there will be a long list of people who call out.

I had dinner at one of my favorite sushi restaurants, West Side Sushi. The food’s very good, and it’s usually quiet enough for me to get some work done.

Unfortunately, there were two chorus boys at the next table who were legends in their own minds. They thought they were so important to the future of the theatre! Yet, for some reason, they both have trouble finding work. Whyever could that be! ;)

However, I still got some work done on notes for The Combo Project. Because intrigue is going to be a big part of the book, I have to map out who the characters are and their interrelationships and loyalties. I don’t like to write too much about the characters – I know them, but I the more I write down about them ahead of time, the flatter they are on the page – but I do need to figure out who is who is who and the lineages, etc.

I’m following a different track today, because there are so many new people in it, especially one of the leads, and I’m on my own with it tomorrow.

I have to grab some groceries and get the papers, but I want to get a few pages done before I head out.

I’m reading Linda Bloodworth-Thomason’s Liberating Paris. Supposedly, it’s about friendship, but the preoccupation of all the characters (not just the leads) with sex is so predominant that it cheapens the supposed friendships in the book instead of celebrating them. I don’t believe for one minute that any of those people who stand by any of the other people if they saw a piece of ass they wanted. I can buy having some of the characters in the book feel that way – but an entire town full? What’s in the water?

I’m already late, and I have to jump in the shower and start my day.



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Good article. I'm particularly looking forward to the one about middle sag! d:)


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