Thursday, July 06, 2006

Thursday, July 6, 2006
Waxing Moon
Jupiter DIRECT
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and cooler (thank goodness)

A press release about Ink in My Coffee’s milestone, passing 1000 posts, is up on PR web, and will be distributed to the media over the next few days:

(Yes, I saw the typo—which isn’t in my clean copy that was sent, so I’m not sure why it’s in the release. Sigh).

Yesterday’s post for the Dog Blog managed to get up before I left for the matinee. It’s about the Waiting Game, once you’ve sent off a submission, and you can find it here.

Llewellyn contracted me to write yet another article for 2008 – and gave me a few extra weeks on that. Phew! I’m excited, because it was one of the ones I really wanted to do, and was sad there was no room for it this year. So, now I’m excited again!

Not much writing done. Mostly notes. And notes. And more notes. A very odd occurrence happened to me yesterday, which I can’t discuss on the blog, because it involves someone else’s privacy; however, if it wasn’t so sad in some ways, it was also be bizarrely funny, and I’m going to write about it in the future.

Two shows yesterday. I’m tired and everything hurts. The physical demands are too much. And, mentally, I left the building. I made some stupid mistakes, because I was disconnected, and there really isn’t any room for that backstage.

One thing that happened, that wasn’t a mistake – one of the amazing ball gowns (that takes 60 seconds to put the girl into, but is only worn on stage for 35 seconds) has a bottom hoop layer that is snapped on with, oh, probably 300 snaps. It’s an enormous hoop skirt, all beaded and feathered. Well, somehow, something happened on stage – I think the male partner stepped on a few feathers or something – and the bottom layer started unsnapping itself. The weight of it is such that once it starts, the snaps go as though dominos are falling. Give the woman credit, -- she leaned down, gracefully swept up the armload of feathers trailing behind her, and sailed off the stage. By the time she got back to us, she was shaking. We got her out, and it took two of us nearly 15 minutes to snap it all back up. Thank goodness no one was hurt, and thank goodness she didn’t panic and step out of, leaving a bundle of green and cream feathers on the stage.

Ah, life in the theatre!

Several of my regular hangouts on Ninth Avenue have closed. There are entire blocks empty, waiting to be torn down for redevelopment. They don’t need more skyscrapers in that neighborhood – they need affordable housing and affordable neighborhood restaurants with good food.

I ate at a new Italian place that just missed being good. The food was okay, but everything else was slightly off. The dishes weren’t quite right. The wine was under par. The service was just bad. Won’t be going there again.

And then, I wandered up to the Borders at the Time Warner Center, looking for a specific book. I found it. I also found a Buy-3-get-1-free and Buy-2-get-1-free. And did both. And got a Borders Reward card, very much like the dozen or so grocery store cards I have, because I buy so many books I figured I might as well. Even though I usually seek out independent stores, there are times when Borders is what’s there.

Of course, I completely forgot that I’m spending the day at a bookstore in CT to write about it, thereby having another opportunity to buy books.

Yes, I’m an insatiable book whore.

Read most of a fantasy novel by a writer whose work I never read before. I’m disappointed. I think Chaz Brenchley has ruined me for lesser writers (as so many are). My sense, from reading the book, was that this writer was a man married to a bossy woman who doesn’t understand women at all, but is trying to write about them as main characters, and it doesn’t quite work. I also find it offensive that every strong female character is tortured and punished. None of the women are three dimensional. Only one of the male characters is – he’s done quite well, and his journey of discovery is pretty good. But the sense of place – I never feel pulled in to the world, and isn’t that the point of world building? Also, I feel he details cruelty for its own sake, not to drive a point home about societies. And I don’t like gratuitous violence. I find it offensive, on many levels. And yet, researching his credits, he’s got A LOT of them. He’s been publishing for years. So, obviously, there’s something here I’m not getting. I’m glad he’s got a good career – it’s certainly hard enough to make a living as a writer – but I won’t be reading any more of his work.

Got a call to work on a new TV series, currently shooting, that will start airing in fall. I can’t work on it until the end of July, but they’re shooting until November, so I’ll probably work on it sometime.

I have a few errands to run out here, some work to do on Real and the typing of Shallid, and then I’m off to the city early. Although I only have one show, tonight, I’m meeting a friend from my freelance writers’ group who is in the city today to meet with a client. She’s coming in from PA, and we’re going to have lunch and spend some time together in the afternoon. I can’t wait to meet her!

I’m off! I have to figure out what to write for Blog Carnival, and, this weekend, I want to write the next few weeks’ entries of the Dog Blog, so on Wednesday morning, all I have to do is one more revision and post



At 4:05 PM, Blogger Costume Imp said...

Congrats D!!! Keep writing!!
It's been a pleasure having you backstage and in the building again, even amidst the insanity we've been dealing with lately.

I've taken your comments to heart and started casting the net for a new apartment today. Heaven help us all... This lease is up Dec 31. Not looking forward to this process, but I see now reason to camp here and await the next flood/catastrophe. 3 floods (two major) in the last 3 years is enough!!

Congrats again on the article and surpassing the 1000th post mark!!!

Atta Girl!!!

At 7:39 PM, Blogger Ann said...

Congrats on your great blogging success - this blog sure deserves it!
And that is wild about the book you mentioned - every strong woman is tortured and punished? Whoa! That author isn' a statement or anything, is he?

At 9:50 PM, Blogger Bailey Stewart said...

My name is Bailey and I'm a bookaholic ... Can't leave Borders without at least $50 in books.

That's wonderful about the 1000 posts!

Tortured and punished? Sounds like Danielle Steel.


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