Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday, July 11, 2006
Waning Moon
Pluto Retrograde
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Mercury Retrograde
Cloudy and hot

I forgot to mention the dream I had on Sunday night going in to Monday. I was at some sort of large casino-type hotel, somewhere. There was an indoor aquarium, with a small, bright yellow whale in the shape of a sperm whale. And someone decided to bring in a machine to pin it down by its fins and butcher it, so I decided to figure out a way to kill the butcher.

Not exactly the way you want to start the week.

The Situation is not over. We’ve come across another wrinkle. I’m not particularly surprised; but I am displeased.

I’m glad I started Home Om – that’s going to be a big help. Hop on over to Kemmyrk to share Day 2.

There was an explosion on the Upper East Side of New York yesterday, resulting in a building collapse. Some rich doctor was about to lose his townhouse in a divorce, so he blew himself up in it, hurting 15 people. There are many rude things I could say; instead, I will keep my mouth shut. The thing I will say is that, if someone makes the personal decision to leave this life before his/her time, that person DOES NOT have the right to end or jeopardize anyone else’s life as part of the decision.

I managed to catch an episode of Faith and Reason on Sunday night, featuring Jeanette Winterston and Will Power. Both interviews were fascinating. Visit PBS’s site to find out more about the series. Truly, it makes one view both faith and reason in a wider context, and ask more questions about the self-imposed absolutes.

I’m reading A Writer in the Garden, which is a lovely, lovely book. Oh, the fantasies of my own garden it evokes!

Headed off to White Plains yesterday. Bought an air mattress, because I’m so sore lately, and I thought sleeping on this might help for a few days. It’s comfortable, but I need to get a bit more dexterous in removing the pump and getting the air lock down.

The cats hate it. Too much motion in it for their taste. It doesn’t stop Elsa from sleeping on it with me at night, though.

Bought my candles (it only took sorting through three stores’ worth of stuff) and ran some other errands.

Yesterday was a lot about catching up on business email and letters, and researching the articles. Very little writing done. Plenty of planning. The little-writing part is frustrating, but the lot-o-planning will make the writing easier on Wednesday. I want to get as much of the contracted work out of the way on Wednesday as possible, leaving a bigger chunk of time for the fiction later in the week. I also have to get a few things out on submission on Wednesday.

Another contract arrived from Llewellyn – but, as I don’t sign contracts during Mercury Retrograde, I have to wait until Mercury goes direct on the 29th to return it.

A long day at the theatre today – day work and the track I dislike most tonight. But I will attempt to perform both with some semblance of grace, and look forward to working from home for the rest of the week.

I still haven’t taken the time to recover from the Situation, even though recovery may have been premature. Yesterday’s bad news has sent me into a funk. However, there’s a life to be lived, and I don’t have time to wallow.

The great part about Home Om is that, although I felt very down and discouraged when I started it this morning, by the time I was finished, I felt positive and as though wonderful things are just around the corner.



At 12:58 PM, Blogger M.E Ellis said...

I love that feeling, when you just 'know' things are on a turn for the better. It goes right down into the centre of me. Can't explain it.


At 2:14 PM, Blogger Bailey Stewart said...

Sorry about The Situation - but you have the right attitude. Believe me, wallowing doesn't help.

I giggled at the image of the cats and the air mattress. *gg*

And I saw about the explosion - you're right, if you're going to end it, don't involve other people.

That's an interesting (to say the least) dream. Hmmmmm, wonder what it means ...

At 10:20 AM, Blogger Lara said...

Oh my GOSH! What a dream!!!

At 3:26 PM, Blogger Eileen said...

I hope that The Situation improves very, very soon. You've been dilligently following a hard road and you're deserving of light at the end of the tunnel.

We saw the news about the explosion, and it's interesting to read your take on it. I definatley agree. If you're going to end your life, you have no right to take others with you. How self involved must this person have been?


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