Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tuesday, July 4
Waxing Moon
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Hazy and hot

Happy Fourth of July! American Independence Day! Those Founding Fathers and Mothers got quite a bit right, although I’m sure they’re spinning in their graves to see the way their ideals are being abused.

I have a bad headache and everything hurts. Ah, the glamour of working on The Big Broadway!

Day work was okay, but seemed interminable. The show was okay – I struggled through the track I hate. I had an understudy on, so it was sort of let’s-make-it-up-and-hope-for-the-best. I was happy to get home, but so sore I couldn’t get to sleep.

I ate dinner at my favorite, Vinyl diner – a smoked salmon wrap, which was delicious. I even ate the coleslaw, and I never eat coleslaw!

As usual, while at Vinyl, I wrote. I get more done in that space. I made some notes on Real, made some notes on The Combo Project, came up with an entire restructure for The Place and Space Journal Project, and sketched out a few article ideas. Not bad for a dinner break!

My friend A’s ceiling collapsed, in his apartment, due to an exploding boiler. There’s a lot of damage (over a holiday weekend, of course) and his cats must be frantic!

I got some more names/addresses for my Independent Bookstore List. I’m compiling a mailing list for future reference.

I received two change-of-address notifications from agents, so I’ll enter them appropriately.

I’m reading Victoria Thompson’s A Murder on Lenox Hill, part of her Gaslight series. I like the characters a lot, I like the story a lot. Sometimes, I feel that some of the cadences are too modern, but I might not be correct. I’m starting to realize how important it is t get a copy of the OED, so I can check when certain words came into use. I have a feeling quite a few words came into usage much earlier than we think, and that much of our view of historical speech is based on the versions Hollywood presents – which doesn’t mean it’s correct.

I have a feeling I’ll be napping a lot today. The rest of this week is quite demanding. And, I want to get some work done on Real.

If I come across one more misusage of “its” and “it’s”, I am going to lose it. This is third grade grammar, people! Test your sentence – if the sentence should read “it is xyz”, you use the contraction of “it’s”. If the noun following the word belongs to the word, then it is the “its”. From now on, anything submitted to me that has that misuse in it will automatically receive a rejection. If you’re too careless to proofread or to bother to learn basic grammar, which, as a writer, is part of your job, why the hell should I accept it?

I asked an agent once about typos, etc. in work, and she said to me, "Seventy percent of what I get is so poorly spelled and badly written in its presentation (grammar, spelling, mistakes, etc.), that one can't even tell if there's a decent story or engaging characters underenath it all." Seventy percent. That's a lot.



At 8:40 AM, Blogger Bailey Stewart said...

Happy Fourth Devon. Sorry about the headache.

At 10:22 AM, Blogger Colin said...

I always feel terribly guilty when I read your posts about bug-bears. I'm away to check all my its and it's!

At 11:56 AM, Blogger Bailey Stewart said...

Of course you can add me - In case you hadn't noticed, you're already on mine. *gg* Now if I can only remember to add you to my bookmarks (which is where I actually blog from) we'll be all set. Notice how I avoided any "it's, its"? That's one of my biggest problems, but I'm working on it. LOL

At 1:35 PM, Blogger Sandy J said...

Good lesson, Devon! I always have to watch my 'that' and 'who'!

And sorry about the headache.

At 11:53 AM, Blogger Diana said...

Oh, that its/it's thing is my pet peeve, too. But even worse is the random incorrect usage of the apostrophe to pluralize. At least once a day I see a sign that says something like, "Bathroom's are out of order," or "No skateboard's allowed" and it makes my blood boil.

Another peeve: my last name is Higgins. So my family would be "the Higginses", not "the Higgins". I hear that one several times a week. Argh...


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