Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday, September 15, 2006
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Rainy, hot, humid

Lydia Yorke’s poem “Manhattan Morning” is up on Circadian.

I’ll post at length about the trip to Maine in the future. It gave me lots to think about.

Two positive experiences:

I stopped at a store in Maine to pick up a jar of specialty mustard. I walk into the store, and there, in the central display, sits SIMPLE PLEASURES OF THE KITCHEN, the anthology to which I contributed four essays (as Christiane Van de Velde). I was delighted – after all, it was released in January of 2005, and still sells well. I wandered the store, trying this and that. One of the staff came over to answer a question, we got to talking, and I said how pleased I was to see the book there, because I had contributed to it. She said it’s a solid seller, and then dashed off to read some of the essays. She then brought over several of the other clerks, and some of the patrons standing around got involved – I ended up signing copies and they sold more copies and it was a lot of fun. One of those unexpected pleasures in the business.

And, I wrote 11 pages of a new story – inspired by the SDR blog exercise “the taste of single malt whisky) – the one I started writing in my head on the way to the train on Tuesday.

This post is short because I need to get back to that while it’s still sizzling and do some solid work on “Ris an Abrar.” My goal is to finish the first draft of the piece this weekend, so I can revise and get it off by deadline.

Sean and Elle, the two main characters in the whisky story, are already chattering about further adventures . . .

The Doubt Demons are nibbling at my heels again, and I have to beat them down with a stick, because I have a phone interview this afternoon for a writing job I really, really want . . .


PS I’ll be posting a video link for ME Ellis’s piece QUITS. All royalties go to charity. Once I can get it on the blog, please check it out. . .


At 10:30 AM, Blogger Colin said...

That's superb doing a book signing! Glad to hear that book is doing really well. I remember you talking about it.

Enjoy your day!

At 2:53 PM, Blogger Melissa Marsh said...

Wow. A book signing on the spur of the moment? How awesome is that?

Have a good weekend, Devon.


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