Wednesday, September 06, 2006

September 6 Part II

Several people have asked me about my shoe-buying forays lately. It’s interesting – I never paid attention to shoes until my mid-thirties. I’m pretty sure part of it is a backlash because on set and backstage I have to wear either running shoes or work boots. When I worked on Miss Saigon, I went through a pair of running shoes every 2-3 months – that’s how hard working the show was on them. And I ONLY wore them for work.

I’m a Pisces, so it’s all about the feet. If my feet hurt, or are wet and uncomfortable – you’d be better off dealing with a grizzly bear with a sore head. Plenty of things that cause other people discomfort don’t bother me, but my feet have to be comfortable.

The other shoe-buying binge came when I first put my crap into storage in ’01 and took the temporary sublet. I was in a rush (packing 13 years of my life in less than 10 days) and tossed shoes into boxes. Some went into storage; some came with me.

Turns out, most of the shoes in the box that came out here were . . .single shoes, not pairs. So I had to buy new shoes.

And, somehow, in the past few months, with all the painting, etc., I’ve managed to lose four full pairs and three half pairs of shoes. Shoes I wore a lot, and, more importantly, were comfortable.

Plus, one of my cats has a shoe fetish and tends to drag shoes around if she can’t find an old tee shirt or something. And it can’t be a tee shirt I GAVE her – it has to be one she pulled out of a drawer or off a hanger.

When I worked exclusively in theatre, I had two sets of clothes and shoes -- jeans and comfortable clothes in which to work with sneakers and/or work boots and then the evening wear for the award shows, benefits, et al, with one or two pairs of evening shoes to go with that.

Now that my life is diversifying and I’m in transition, I have clothes for the set and backstage; writing clothes; evening clothes; cocktail clothes, travel clothes; racetrack clothes; and I’m rebuilding some eccentric pseudo-business wear because I’m having more and more meetings with writing clients, and I can’t show up in the yoga clothes in which I’ll actually be doing their work!

I mean, I was good in Saratoga this year – I only changed my clothes twice a day instead of the usual four times. I swear, I take more clothes to Saratoga for a week than I do to go to Europe for a month.

Major kitty trauma today – Elsa dragged around a tunic of mine, sucking on it and crying – damned if I know why. She was having an “episode”. Iris tore up Violet’s favorite white mouse, leaving her with only about two inches’ worth of toy mouse skin. Violet started to cry, because she doesn’t want the grey mice or the green mice or the red mice – she wants her favorite WHITE mouse. So I crawled under enough furniture to find another white mouse, and Violet played with it – until Iris took it away. I scolded them both – Iris for being a bully and Violet for not smacking her sister upside the head – and now they’re under the coffee table, sulking.

The old carpet in the hallway finally gave up the ghost, so I pulled it all up, found some pretty new rugs at Linens N Things, and voila! Updated, cheerful hallway.

Dealt with a bunch of admin work today, and have to get some stories out to a crit partner.

And do some more writing.

Real – 95,000 out of estimated 100,000 words

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
95 / 100

“Ris an Abrar” -- 3,625 out of estimated 9,000 words

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3 / 9


At 7:27 PM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

I heart shoes. :)

At 9:21 PM, Blogger Brandy said...

I understand the need for new shoes, I go through a pair of tennis shoes about twice a year. And I'm just a stay-at-home mother! I say buy what you like, I think I can tell you honestly, that we were teasing! (I was.)
I'm always refereeing(sp) fights between my kitties. The T-shirt thing is a hunting thing. They need to "catch it and parade it".


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