Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Wednesday, September 6, 2006
Waxing Moon
Pluto Direct (as of Monday night)
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy, muggy, icky

Circadian Poems returns today! Hop on over and take a look. I’m excited about the next few months’ worth of poems. Today’s poem is “Sea Blue” by Rachelle Arlin Credo.

The newest article is up at The Scruffy Dog Review Blog – this week, I’m taking a pause in exercises and talking about the importance of craft. It started when someone on a forum asked me what I meant when I talked about “craft” – this is a thread where several posters made excuses about not “having time to write” and only writing when they “feel like it.”

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: There’s no such thing as not having time to write. You choose not to use your time to write. That’s fine, but take responsibility and stop making excuses. Stop blaming everyone around you. Ultimately, the buck stops with you. Either you write or you don’t. No one else really cares. In fact, the only one who beats you up for not writing or “only” writing a page is you. Your supportive peers will be glad you have 250 more words than you had yesterday, or made a journal entry that’s the kernel of a future project. So stop blaming everyone else because you refuse or are too afraid to make it a priority. There’s nothing wrong with choosing not to write. Or with only writing a few words. But stop the whining and the blame game.

And, if you expect to have a career as a writer, you’re going to have to learn to write on days when you don’t feel like it. The only time you get to write only “when you feel like it” is when you’re unpublished. After that, it’s all about contracts and deadlines and marketing.

I haven’t blogged for the past few days because I really haven’t had anything to say. I’ve worked on Real. I’ve pondered on what I’m going to do with “Ris an Abrar” -- I’ve written myself into a corner, and I’m trying to get out of it. On deadline.

I’m not sleeping well because of Katrina-related and 9/11-related dreams.

I was at the theatre for day work. It was fine, but I just didn’t want to be there. The good thing was I had plenty of time to think, and outlined roughly a couple of short stories (that have nothing to do with the exercises or anything else). Now, I just have to find – no, MAKE the time to write them.

Started to read Susan Carroll’s The Dark Queen, which is quite interesting, as I continue with Dawn Powell’s diaries and Alan Bennett’s Writing Home.

I have a stack of information to get through from PEN – it’ll take me the whole week, if not longer.

I’m stuck in that grief/depression in between the anniversaries of Katrina and 9/11. Grief with underlying rage.

I have no doubt there are those in power in the GOP who would allow, even encourage, an attack on our soil between late October and next March. Possibly before the elections to scare people back into voting Republican, or if that doesn’t happen and the Democrats win back some seats, as soon as possible after the Dems take office to punish people for voting for change. And they’re going to lie to the Pretender about it and he’ll not be the wiser. This is the same man who let all those people drown in New Orleans because he “had no idea” what was going on. And refused to let the UN teams come in to help, because “Brownie” was doin’ “a heck of a job”. And, to certain power wielders in the party, what are a few more thousand bodies in the wake of their own power and profit?

That being said, I still feel queasy at the thought of that mockumentary which opens with the Pretender’s assassination. The filmmakers have the right to present their point of view; I am uncomfortable, as much as I disagree with the current administration, with viewing it at this point in time. I realize discomfort was the filmmakers’ point. But I still don’t want to see it now. Which means I can’t fairly discuss the piece. Perhaps a year or so after the Pretender’s out of office, I can watch it, and then I will have the right to comment/critique it. Right now, I’ll pass.

One of my neighbors died of a stroke late last week. She was a feisty senior citizen, but the stresses from The Situation proved far too much for her. I am both sad and angry. And I hold both the building owners and the developers partially to blame for her death. Her memorial service is today.

As difficult and backstabbing as the world of “Ris an Abrar” is, on many levels, it’s still preferable to what’s going on in our own politics.

GDR Evaluation for August:

2 contracted articles
25 short contracted articles
Literary Athlete column
5 Dog blogs
Finished Home Om

In Process:
Finishing first draft of Real
Typing Shallid
Circadian Poems’s
fall season
Get DE site up

Finsih 6th draft of Clear the Slot
Work on “Ris an Abrar” (did mental work, but little physical work)
12 queries
KM Farnesworth story

Pro Bono client work
Bernardini article for Femme Fan
National Wildlife Federation
Notes for Life Renovations
Notes for The Combo Project
Notes for The Satire Project
Notes for Triskele
Interviewed by Kristen King
Notes for penguin story
Created “Wordish Wanderings”
Wrote first draft of play Julia’s Legacy
Worked on notes for Treasure’s Hunt
Trip to Mohonk House
Job in CT
Trip to Saratoga
Trip to Philadelphia
Notes on at least a dozen short stories
Worked on Dog blog stories
Elizabethan piece notes
Retired Tapestry
Re-visited the serials to decide on where to go from here

The memoir of EB & Katharine White by their former secretary (the book’s title escapes me, as does the name of the author – mixed feelings about it because the author was so disgustingly passive aggressive.

Annie Freeman’s Fabulous Traveling Funeral by Kris Radish. Lots of fun.

Dawn Powell: A Biography by Tim Page. Excellent.

The Big Over Easy by Jasper Fforde. Excellent.

The Diaries of Dawn Powell edited by Tim Page (unfinished). Excellent.

Writing Home by Alan Bennett (unfinished). Excellent.

Feeding a Yen by Calvin Trilling (unfinished). Exccellent.

Letters to a Fiction Writer edited by Frederick Busch. A must for any writer or reader. Absolutely outstanding.

Freelance Writer: Looking on the Bright Side by Jane Johngren (unfinished). Very good. Columns from a small upstate NY newspaper.

Goddess for Hire by Sonia Singh. Lots of fun.

September’s GDRs:
Finish Real
Get back to work on Fix-It Girl
Finish the revision of Clear the Slot
Finish multiple drafts of “Ris an Abrar” for Oct. 1 deadline
Get DE site up
Make some decisions

Short list, but September will be chaotic, to say the least.



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