Saturday, October 07, 2006

Saturday, October 7, 2006
Last night of Full Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Uranus Retrograde
Cloudy and Frost

Yesterday was quite a day. Lots of great stuff; some not so great.

Out the door early. Of course, no seats on the train. Then they shouldn’t take the tickets – why should I pay peak hour fare if I have to stand? As usual, if there’s any way the MTA can screw the customer, they choose it. Because the commuters have no choices – the MTA has a monopoly.

Ran my errand and got to the Frick early. Since there’s no place to wait inside, I had to wait outside and was freezing by the time my friend got there (on time).

We were both very disappointed in the Frick. We’d heard so much about it and the admission isn’t cheap. But there’s no information (unless you BUY a book) about what you’re looking at, or about the history of the place or anything. The architecture is beautiful. But they stuffed far too many people in too small a space. It was uncomfortable. You can’t really look at anything because it’s so crowded. And there’s no information on what is it you’re looking at, so you sit there going, “I like that painting. Wish I knew who painted it and the timeframe. Wish I knew why it was here. Who bought it? Did someone in the family like is? Is it on loan? Why are there recreations of French rooms from the Pompadour period? Why is this particular mantle here?” And there are no answers easily had.

We loved the atrium with the large fountain and all the benches. That would be a lovely room to have in one’s home – in the morning, take your coffee and your journal and start the day; have friends there in the evenings; just sit and meditate.

My digital camera decided to stop working – which also means I can’t take set work, because the camera’s part of the kit. So I’m going to rip Canon a new one tomorrow – this is the second time I’ve had trouble with this camera since I got it. And it’s not very old. Now the screen’s black – any time any sort of electronic device, but especially two-way walkie phones – are in the vicinity. This is NOT acceptable. The camera’s not old. It should work beyond the warranty date. Canon USED to be reliable and have great customer service. I have been less than impressed with them for the past few months.

We walked through Central Park, which was lovely and I wanted to take photographs except the damn camera didn’t work. We wandered down the West Side to an Italian restaurant called Pomodoro Rosso. Food and wine were great, atmosphere nice, staff great, except for the small screaming child. If your child can’t behave – leave it home. Don’t foist it on everyone else. Or at least have the courtesy to get the heck out of the place where it’s annoying everyone. Don’t sit gossiping with your friend and ignore the kid for an hour and a half. There might be a REASON it’s screaming.

We stopped at the Folk Art Museum shop and bought a cat bowl. My cats have plenty of bowls, but it was cute, and now they have another one.

We kept wandering down Columbus to the Time Warner Center. Wandered through Borders – got sucked in to another 3-for-2 deal PLUS found a remaindered Holiday Plum (thanks for the tip, Brandy). Drank shots of the Italian espresso I’m so found of – they were having an event in the lobby. Fell in love with an amazing stove in Williams Sonoma that costs more than my car.

Right now, the car’s more useful.

We wandered over to Donnell Library center to check their sale shelves. No Plums, but 3/$1 that my mom might enjoy.

We wandered back to Maison for a glass of wine.

We met my friend’s family and gave them the backstage tour.

I wandered to the train station.

Got a phone call on the way that the series on which I’ve worked lately has been cancelled. The network’s stopping production after the initial 13 episodes. Very, very bummed. As difficult as that series is to work, I really like it.

I loved spending time with my friend and catching up with her – we haven’t seen each other in person in probably about three or four years.

Bummed about the show’s cancellation. It happens; the odds are that more shows fail than succeed. But I’m still bummed. I hope they air all 13 episodes in order. And not stop airing episodes or start putting in other stuff without letting anyone know when the new episodes will air. Just sad. It’s a great cast.

Heard Lost viewers will be screwed yet again – they’ll air 6 episodes, put in another show in the slot for 13 weeks, then air the remaining 7. Maybe. Who knows what they’ll pull with the remaining 7? Typical. Not quite as bad as they did last year, but still wrong. But if the viewers aren’t going to pressure the network – and, more importantly, the network’s advertisers, nothing will change.

I have to do a lot of writing today, because I’m on the show (Broadway, not the series) tomorrow. I’m out of organic cat food, so I’ve got to go and get that, plus I have one more Plum possibility out here.

Read Visions of Sugar Plums (the holiday Plum). It’s very cute, and I think I can make it relevant to the essay. There are a few holes in the end, but I'm not writing about that, so I don't have to worry about them.

Started reading Agatha: A Novel of Mystery by Kathleen Tynan, a novel about Agatha Chrisite’s disappearance in 1926 when her jerk of a first husband left her for his secretary. I love the irony – he didn’t want to live in his famous writer wife’s shadow, so he leaves her for a submissive little whatever (who couldn’t have been such a lovely person or she wouldn’t have been screwing around with someone else’s husband) and that’s what his legacy. Serves him right. At least her second husband, Max Mallowan, loved and appreciated her for who she was. And was smart, not just some preening moron who thought he could get by on his looks.



At 10:09 AM, Blogger M.E Ellis said...

I hate that when cameras don't work when you're out somewhere. My old phone took pictures. Bit of a bummer that the phone doesn't work. Still, the camera does.


At 12:16 PM, Blogger Tori Lennox said...

You have such an interesting life. :)

That really sucks about your show's cancellation. You'd think they'd at least give it more than three weeks!

Re Agatha Christie, she had an interesting life, too. :) I just remembered I once made up a story in my head (never wrote it down) about a woman who used the name Christie Mallowan as an alias. *g*

At 11:32 PM, Blogger Brandy said...

Glad you could find the Christmas Plum story. By the way, most of the buzz on the internet is that her latest Plum was one of the best. Oh, and Willia-Sonoma is a cooks wonderland, isn't it?


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