Sunday, December 10, 2006

Here are a few more images of holiday cheer Chez Devon. The little village was a gift from my mother's father many years ago. Over the summer, I have to restore some of the paint. The tables were set up for a gathering a few weeks ago. The red-clothed table stays up -- that's the one the cats tend to forget has stuff on it and everything goes flying.

They're really good about the tree because I have a set of ornaments around the bottom and a set of toys under the tree that only come out during the holdiays, so that's the only time they have them to play with them. Iris likes to take ornaments off one section and put them in a pile, so we go through that ritual once a day -- her taking them off, me returning them, her removing them again. But, for the most part, they're very good. I don't use tinsel at all because I know it's dangerous for them.

I have to admit, in the stores yesterday, I behaved just like my cats -- anything shiny and dangling caught my attention and there I was!


At 1:18 PM, Blogger Brandy said...

We put our tree up this morning after letting it sit overnight (real tree) in the garage and Athena has attacked it! We've yet to put lights or ornamnets on it, so this should get VERY intersting *g*.
The little village is so cute!

At 8:26 AM, Blogger Lara said...

Wow---I thought *I* had a lot of books!


At 12:29 PM, Blogger Gabriele C. said...

Ohh, a little Erzgebirge village with trees. Lovely. And typical German. :)

I collect that stuff, only it's fiendishly expensive, so the collection grows slowly.


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