Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Waning Moon
Neptune Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Cloudy and mild

Yesterday was all about cookies. I have been a gosh darned cookie factory – a friend toted it up, and, since last week, I’ve baked over 700 cookies. Today was the sugar cookie day – first mixing the batter, then chilling it, then cutting them out, then baking, cooling, and decorating. And packing. Don’t forget the packing.

See, this is why most people don’t bake cookies year-round – they OD during holiday time and it takes eleven months to recover and gear up to do it again.

I just have the mini-bundt cakes to make tomorrow, and everything’s ready to create the plates.

And get them delivered, so that the apartment doesn’t look like a mail order house that’s behind on the mailing.

In and around the baking madness, I got everything to the post office, got a few last minute shopping things done, wrapped more presents, and got screwed by Kohl’s. I so hate shopping there. First of all – two checkers, over 40 people. They get more checkers to registers, and then one or two of the checkers start screaming at the customers – now, the customers weren’t being rude, they were waiting patiently and quietly to be called to the next available checker. And the checkers are standing there, screaming, being abusive. Not acceptable. Then, even though the lid I bought for my pan was cookware marked 50% off, they refused to check the price, refused to give me the discount, and gave me attitude. If I hadn’t absolutely needed it, I would have whacked the bitch upside the head with the lid and walked out. As it is, I complained to customer service on site – who didn’t want to deal – and complained via email, which will get me nowhere, because they’re horrid – so I’ll have to file with the BBB.

I hardly ever shop at Kohl’s anyway, because most of the merchandise in the store around here is awful, but any time I do go, it’s a bad experience. So why shop there? The only reason I did was because it was my last resort to find that particular lid.

Now, I’m suffering from Icing Digits – my fingers are sore from using the icing accoutrements. And it’s hardly high art, but the cookies do look pretty. Yes, I took pictures. I’ll post them, eventually.

AND, in and around all of the above, I had to get out the information for the special meeting for the tenants on Wednesday night, where those who were given incorrect leases with incorrect rent increases are walked through the paperwork so they get the correct leases and reimbursement for their overpayment.

Pitched for a couple of writing jobs. It never ceases to amaze me how I have to tweak even some of the best samples so that they’re more aligned with a particular gig.

Wrapped presents, and got some more of the packages that have to go out on Wednesday packed.

I think next year, I’m going to try to have all my deadlines met by the first week in December, so the final three weeks can just be about holidays, and not about deadlines.

Yeah, we’ll see how that goes.

So, I’m tired for awhile. I can deal, especially if it’s happy tired, not cranky tired. The holiday traditions are important to me. Things like baking, cards, etc., are important to me. “I don’t have time” is not acceptable in my life at this point for those things – I’m unhappy if I don’t do them, so I’m just going to keep going around the clock if necessary to get everything done, and that’s the way it is. I’ll see what I can learn to apply to next year – and then write it down somewhere so I don’t forget in the interim. The trade-off of not doing all these holiday traditions is making myself miserable. I’d rather be tired than not get things done.

While searching in adventurous corners for more tins, I got a snout full of some sort of dust that left me congested all evening – ick. I put eucalyptus oil in the burner, and that’s helped a lot, but I didn’t think a bunch of dust could make me that uncomfortable. I mean, it’s dust, not nuclear waste. Although, with the way corporations flout the environmental regulations, who knows, right?

Did another draft of “The Merry”. I’m happier with that draft. It’s getting there. I slept on it, and did another draft first thing this morning. Plot and character were all there, but it’s language – finding the word with the exact shade of meaning, rearranging them so the overall piece has a distinct rhythm. And now I’m on my way to the post office to get it out, and then it’s off to the theatre.



At 8:12 AM, Blogger Lara said...

I'm sorry you hate Kohl's. The Kohl's I work at, everybody is sweet as sugar and we flood the registers whenever there are more than three people in line. You just must have the "rude geography" thing happening, because what you described would NEVER happen here. Then again, this store is an extension of corporate. Maybe the farther you get away from WI the ruder and more out of touch they are?
Hmmmm, scratching my head over why they would be so rude.

700 COOKIES??? Holy Cow!!!

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Melissa Marsh said...

I've only been to Kohl's once and haven't been back - not because of rude people, but prices. :-)

I can't believe you baked that many cookies! Wow! I hoped you had one of each kind, though, to reward yourself for all that hard work!

At 8:42 PM, Blogger Brandy said...

I shop at Kohl's occasionally, but not oo often becuase their prices are a bit higher than most. I've never had a problem with the cashiers or customer service. You are right, most businesses pay attention to the BBB.
Wow, you've made a BUNCH of cookies!!

At 11:03 PM, Blogger Michelle Miles said...

WOW...700 cookies!! And I was complaining at baking three cheesecakes this year... LOL


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