Tuesday, January 02, 2007

January 2007 To –Do List:

1. 3 short stories (one of which is “Illuminated Nude”) which are due by the end of the month to a market

2. Finish and type Token and Affections

3. Start Chasing the Changeling

4. Finish 1st draft of Real

5. Work on The Fix-It Girl

6. Get Dixie Dust Rumors queries out

7. 3-5 pitches out/week (total 12-20)

8. Do Hope Clark’s 13-in-Play – check status weekly

9. Work on DE site (aren’t you getting sick of seeing that one? I sure am)

10. Devon’s Random Newsletter

11. Quarterly newsletter

12. Start next column for SDR review

13. Circadian Poems

14. Finish typing Shallid

15. After the 29th, begin edits on Assumption of Right

16. Read the two research books to make the edits possible; to interviews as necessary

17. SDR blog – every Wed.

18, Kemmyrk – Mondays and Thursdays

19. Occasional (but more frequently than this past year) entries on both Biblio Paradise and Wordish Wanderings.

20. Requested revision for Tumble


At 1:28 AM, Blogger L.C.McCabe said...


Do the tasks of eating, sleeping and laundry make it on your to-do list?

Yikes, you look like you've got a lot on your plate. I have a hard time compartmentalizing my brain to think of three different writing tasks I need to accomplish in the next week, and some of them are pretty minor. Like write a political resolution to be voted on next Tuesday, and write my annual self-evaluation for work. (I hate doing those things.)

Thank you for stopping by my blog via Joe Konrath's. You said you were working for three years full time in theatre. Was that on-stage or back stage? Just curious.

You might also like to scroll down to my first posting on my blog since it dealt with one of my all time favorite books, and one that has influenced my writing tremendously. It's a book I doubt will be listed by many writers as a reference text for the craft of writing because it was intended for the theatre.

And, I'll leave you with that tease.

May you have a happy, prosperous new year filled with creativity and good health.


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